Once Again, The Nation of Immigrants Is Engulfed In Phantom, Racial Turmoil
Black Lives Matter? Really?

By Ted Hayes
The Alternative Voice To Al Sharpton and All The "Usual Suspect', Race Agitators
After the death of Walter Lamar Scott by a white police officer in Charleston, South Carolina, it was expected to be another “here we go again” moment with more disturbing and insane racial upheaval.
Then again, maybe not!
To the chagrin of the usual suspects, authorities in North Charleston, South Carolina immediately fired, arrested and charged officer Michael Slager for the alleged murder of Scott — a 50-year-old husband and father of four and a veteran.
During an April 9 news conference by North Charleston Mayor R. Keith Summery and Chief of Police Eddie Driggers, elements were present who seemed disappointed that the perceived racist, white authorities were out in front of the matter.
While these disruptive elements attempted in vain to take over with their “no justice, no peace” chants, they were unsuccessful because the authorities appear to be doing nearly everything right this time.
Thank God!  This wise action has defanged and frustrated the folks who appear to need the thrill of yelling mindless protest slogans while exploiting a situation for political gain.
Mayor Summery has asked for a moratorium on attempts to promote political rancor until after the Scott family has laid his body to rest.  Then, he’s open to conducting civil discussions seeking healing.
Even the Scott family wants Al Sharpton to stay away.  How refreshing.
Can the agitators wait that long?  Do they fret about losing their steam after the funeral and after people see how effectively the government can do the right thing?
Of course, the leftist media wants to make the matter graver than it seems to be — with renewed speculation on the likes of CNN and MSNBC about a systematic threat to black men from white cops.
While there is not much to do in North Charleston other than monitoring the legal proceedings, it would still be prudent to take advantage of the national attention to address larger and more dangerous issues threatening the very existence of black lives and wonder why the left pays little attention to them.
These threats include the ethno-racial cleansing and identity theft of black lives through a dubious push for illegal alien amnesty using civil rights analogies.  It also includes the thousands of black lives lost to black-on-black homicides and millions of aborted black fetuses.  It includes blacks dying from an assortment of preventable diseases and an over-indulgence in narcotics, alcohol and reckless reveling.
There’s abnormally high black unemployment (especially among black teenagers) and high black incarceration rates where too many lack even a chance of parole.
And, while blacks comprise only around 13 percent of the population, it’s a travesty that black lives are over 60 percent of the nation’s homelessness.  Yet there’s a fixation on allegedly racist cops.
So “black lives matter,” or do they?  If they’re going to ignore all these things, “no.”  Black lives, in fact, don’t really seem to matter to these protesters.
The wanna-be-famous, self-appointed, so-called civil rights activists and their mainstream media enablers need to join with folks like me in addressing the aforementioned travesties of black lives instead of meticulously trying to fan the flames of nation-destroying, phantom racism.
Otherwise, “black lives matter” is just a hip cliché — a back-door way of being politically involved without actually caring about black lives.
It seems that the vast majority of the protesting is an exploitative, energy-burning thrill hunt.  This is especially true and poignant for white youths who have no real knowledge, let alone an understanding of, the American black/chattel slavery/Jim Crow experience.
If black lives really do matter, perhaps, God willing, somebody will someday rise to the occasion to wisely and courageously lead the nation to actually rectify our racial tensions source of the United States being what President Abraham Lincoln defined as “a house divided against itself.”
I aspire to be that somebody.
Thanks and Agape-Shalom~