The HEAL America Campaign

Health Care Prescription

For The Chattel Slavery-Race "Wounded" Soul of America


As one of the most intriguing geo-political entities in world history, the United States of America has struggled in its comparatively (* to those of Europe,  Asia, Africa, et al) youthful existence to survive a world filled with nations that are governed by an old order (* Antiquus Vir Ordo Seclorum) which promotes strong-armed tyranny, slavery and human ownership such as; feudalism in the name of divine or blood-line edicts.

In 1776, an unprecedented socio-political belief espousing to practice a Novus Ordo Seclorom (new order of the ages) governance was declared, and separate from that which is the "old", when “We the People”, under the leadership of the Founding Fathers rebelled against the British Empire.

Since that birthing era, the “promised” child-nation full of hope, courage and vision for civil society, though ordained of GOD as evidenced by HIS continued Providence, has been challenged by the forces of the old order of the world...narrowly escaping doom every time.

There are three (3) periods in US history which defines the struggles of the nation that would become America.

First, from the controversial “conception to gestation” of Colonial times, to its’ near “still birth” of      July 4,1776. 

Second, an almost fatal, hot Civil War.

Third, the present and most sinister threats of all has consistently been challenged by old order, European doctrinaire, known as Socialism.

The HEAL America Campaign (HAC) delves into several topics touching on the chronic pain of America’s chattel slavery-race "wound" to its national, collective, generational soul, which has intermittently driven our young, double minded (schizophrenic) nation  into psychotic episodes of self-flagellations (guilt-complexes), as well as its’ heroic efforts to right or rescue a wounded and burdened We the Peoples locked in its' midst. 

Race Talk Is Too Sensitive For Some

Until now, such public discourse has been considered too sensitive and a political taboo, at least for some who are not allowed to indulge in it, lest they be accused of bigotry and racism, those who actually do practice it.  It is called projectionism upon victims of insecurity and "guilt" - good conscious or complexities, which is taken unfair adbantage of by the "usual suspects" race hustlers. 

However, due to the first so called African-American, “black” man to serve and reside in the White House as US President at 1600, Washington DC, a once Black neighborhood, and his US Attorney General, Mr. Eric Holder, “We the People”,one would think that we are finally “free at last” to openly, truthfully, wisely, humbly, and in love for one another, discuss so-called race relations.  

The Double Rule of Political Correctness

Unfortunately, as of this date, such freedom is restricted only to the peoples who adhere to the Democratic Party and liberal, leftist or socialist ideals, whereas Americans who profess those of Republican, conservative or so called Tea Party, are censored and banned from it.

The two unique “historical” figures challenged all Americans by calling us “a nation of cowards for supposedly not adequately discussing race relations between White and Black, thereby correctly insinuating the existence of an untreated "wound" in its national, collective, generational soul and is in need of healing via dialogue. 

However, for the last generation (over 40 years), due to certain historical, nation changing events, it appears that most American White US citizens were willing to enter such discussions, but feared to do so, because of the social disease of “political correctness.

It is a fact, the hearts and souls of most White citizens in America strongly desire to be healed of the "wound" of chattel slavery and racist legislation against Blacks (Jim Crow), but instead of applying the healing prescriptions of folks such as, the late, Rev.-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the African American leadership choose instead to inject the paralyzing serum of political correctness.

Intended to instill sensitivity in racial relations, political correctness has instead served primarily as paralyzing weapon of vengeance against American White US citizens, as well as a tool to extort moneyand power from corporations, and the US governments.

Enter HEAL America Campaign

The HEAL America Campaign will pursue and accommodate their and the nation's wishes.

The HEAL America Campaign will generate the necessary attitudes and provide the prescribed antidotes that will relieve America’s pain ,and detoxify it of the debilitating racist drug, thereby initiating the Healing procedures to our national, collective and generational "wound".

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