The Youth Will Follow A Strong Elder

With Nuance Solutions and Security For The "Blessing of Liberty" For Their Children

* With Me, We Will Show Them "Tomorrow"


The Narrative Part I

Asking your pardon for my brash and seemingly arrogant posture in calling upon you to actually follow me, is not forthcoming, because it is my firm proposition that I am the one leader in recent or modern history with realistic solutions to our nation's most troubling ills...that is, provided that they are embraced by a significant quality and quantity of active peoples. Perhaps, you are one of those very special individuals.  We shall see!


First of all, the national and personal crisis that Americans are hoping that government officials would solve for us, are deeply seeded and rooted certain foundational issues that has plagued the United States of America from its July 4, 1776, providential birth from its Emperial British mother via bloody revolution.


As you study my views, you will graduallly come to appreciate the values of that I espouse to as tools anyone who is sincerely courious about discovering and implementing a realistic objective that actually brings significant Hope, Faith and Love that Heals and makes Peace to our nation and any others who seek an American Dream of their own.  [coming soon, "Definition of the American Dream]



While you may or may not have of me, please Google “Ted Hayes” and your get plenty of imagery and information about what my character has been active in since January of 1985.


Also, you can find me on Wickipedia, and visit www.TedHayes.US as well.


You will discover that my geo-political philosophy has been forged out of a spiritual struggle that has granted me what is probably the most unique experience that an activist for the poorest of the poor, i.e., Homeless and others of poverty, as well as slave laborers (middle class) in society, can have.


Over my 27 years experience as an aspiring American Patriot activist, the “Ted Hayes” brand of socio-economic-political activism has been attached to homelessness, Civil Rights and youth crisis, even electoral politics;


Unquestionably controversial in so many ways, I have been called Rasta Republican; Black militant; socialist, capitalist, Democrat, Republican, liberal, Independent; costumed character; “Uncle Tom” sell-out”; secretive rich man; racist, anti-immigrant and Hispanic/Latino; internationally renown Cricket enthusiast; the original Occupier of Los Angeles; KKK & Nazi surrogate; poverty pimp, and more…to say the least a very controversial personage.


However, in all of that noise, let my record speak for itself....THEN FOLLOW ME NOW > > > THIS WAY> > >


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