In This Beloved Judaic-Christian, "one nation under GOD"D"

The Right or License To



“Let Nothing Shut You Up”



The Right and Duty To Practice "GOD-Speak"

There is "political correct speech", which is censorship, "Free speech" which is irresponsible and "GOD Speak", which is the “GOD Said…” creative power calling those things that are not into being as though they were.


We the People of the United States Republic of America must no longer be intimidated by this nations’ foreign and domestic enemies to not speak truth, especially in light of the fact that this America is established as a Judaic-Christian "one nation under GOD", with exceptional qualities by Divine Providence.


While there is some controversy of church and state, when it comes to GOD and government, there is not separation at all.


In the Declaration of Independence, enacted as the First Legal Document - Law of this United States Republic on July 4,1776, HE acknowledged as Creator of "all men equal”, “Judge of all the earth”, and “Divine Providence”, thereby, its Central Figure.  See Central Figure In Declaration of Indepedence


The certain inalienable, human rights including “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness (property)” are granted by GOD, and not governments, therefore it is only “natural” that HIS name, person, character is displayed on our currencies, buildings and properties, etc, to honor HIM and help us to remain mindful HIS Presence...particularly when it can't be felt or sensed.


It is a matter faith, not feeling nor circumstances, in HIS Written Word, the Bible (Hebrew Holy Scriptures - Old and New Testament).


 In fact, HE instructs in the Written Word that HIS laws are to be inscribed on the door ways of houses, etc, in order to help remind HIS peoples to pratice in the Word of GOD that they and their children may know HIM.


Ancient Israel, the primary nation under GOD, was admonished by Moses to inscribe The Word of the LORD on their houses and in their gates, i.e., public places of concourse. "And you shall write them upon the door posts of your house and your gates (public places).  That your days may be multiplied, and the days of your children...." [Deuteronomy 11:20,21


Opposition to open expression of GOD, especially in a nation that claim HIM as LORD, is rebellion and subsequently anti-human, which is a primary cause of social, economic, political and religious tyrannies.


Anything that is anti-human is evidence of hatred for GOD, because HE loves all peoples as HIS children, and to offend them is to war with HIM.  Herein is the meaning of "You shall love the LORD your GOD...and your neighbor as yourself" - Jesus


Dont' Shut Up, Speak Up

It is projected by the anti-GOD elements that speaking of HIM indicates mental weakness or preachiness and religious, self-righteous hypocrisy, etc, thereby craftily swaying Judaic-Christian Americans to eliminate the greatest “weapon” against the powers of tyranny...the spoken Name of “GOD”.


The evil spirit of tyranny desperately works to keep the children of GOD ignorant of their inate spoken word authority latently available within them, because it knows that they can defeat him by power of creative "GOD-Speak."


Note the power connection: GOD spoke creation into existence “GOD said, 'Let there be…and there was...’; amd “HE called those things that were not into being as though they were…”.  [Genesis 1:


Being specially created in the image of GOD beyond the physical (physics) universe, those same creative qualities of HIM Who naturally is our Heavenly Abba Father, resides deep within us all equally.


Therefore, routinely practicing GOD-Speak empowers the practitioner to execute the authority of GOD against the spirit foes of liberty that are invading our Judaic-Christian realm.   


Those certain inalienable rights, etc, can’t be granted by man’s government, because they are inherent endowments that came with the “packaging” of human beings that HE created.


Essentially, these "built-in rights" are called for by the Declaration of Independence, enforced by the Constitution and intructions on how to exercise them are found the Bible.


The greatest Right of the human being is that to speak of GOD, HIS Name and Ways to one another at all times, in all manner of issues.  As HE speaks, we speak!  When HE speaks and we repeat by GOD-Speak, creation manifests the objects of our desires.


As the government, nature itself did not grant these rights either, not even the First Amendment of the US Constitution, nor the Declaration of Indpendence, but rather The Creator Judge Himself.


Therefore, anyone or thing that abridges GOD-Speak or any of those inalienable rights endowed upon HIS human beings, is a direct affront to HIM.


Whereas, it is the primary duty of government to protect and promulgate policies, legislation, programs etc, by which human beings can justly and civilly express these freedoms with one another without the fear of being abridged by government of anyone or thing else


The License and Authority To GOD-Speaking

Therefore, if this government so obviously places The Creator-GOD as the Central Figure of its First legislation which is the foundation of all other laws in the land, federal and state, including the US Constitution, then We the People have license and subsequent responsibility to invoke HIS Name and act in a manner worthy of Divine Providence.


Such is especially true, that we the posterity of the founding fathers who are charged to “form a more perfect Union” duly include HIM in all of our discussions of state.  Indeed, to not do so, is rebellion! GOD-Speak is Not wierd or extreme, but rather natural.


However, even more than the Declaration of Independence itself, the ultimate written authority for this exceptional, Judaic-Christian “one nation” under GOD by Divine Providence, is the Holy Bible (Hebrew Holy Scriptures the Tonach, Torah, Old and New Testament).


Then they that feared the LORD spoke often one to another: and the LORD listened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before HIM for them that feared the LORD, and that thought upon HIS name.


And they shall be Mine, says the LORD of hosts, in that day when I make up My jewels; and I will spare them, as a man spares his own son that serves him. Then shall ye return, and discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serves God and him that serves HIM not.” (Malachi 516-18)


So there you have it in general. 


Please feel free to speak of your Heavenly Father to others, not because we are worthy, but that our communications about HIM invites HIS direct participation and ledership in the defense of our beloved United States of America which HE granted to us.


Thank you for your consideration. What do you think and say?


Just saying…..



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