Let. #2: Register Historical, Sacred Legacy List -The National Day of ‘The January 1,1863 Emancipation Proclamation”

Greetings, everyone, family and closest friends, Shalom!
We the People movement, Good News!  Thanking GOD, The Most High! Yaaay!!!

After my last email concerning the “National Day of ‘The January 1,1863, Emancipation Proclamation”, thanking The Most High GOD, we are now ready to take our next step “in any effort that they/we might make for our actual freedom.” (Sent. 2. B,).

The National Day Archives (NDA) costs for this effort, is, $1,035.70.

In that last email communique’, it was stated that there would be a ten (10) day window in which to register onto the Historical Legacy by a suggested contribution of $100.00 (one hundred dollars), or more or less!

  • Under the Legacy List originators, participants will be chronologically listed based on date of registry, and not the amount of financial contribution.

Beginning this tomorrow, October 4th through to Wednesday, October 14th, you can now “invest” your contribution in the following ways:

Zelle To: 424-248-4219 or Justiceville@TedHayes.us

Paypal To: Justiceville@TedHayes.us
Written Check To: Justiceville
(501-c3 tax exemption)

After, working out the final editing with the NDA IT team, we will then launch with a press release and perhaps, a news conference at a significant location that acknowledges President Abraham Lincoln for his good, historical, nation transforming work of 160 years ago.

Next, the Hon. Maxine Waters will be requested to lead the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), as well as all Civil Rights entities and personalities, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, including all other “religious” or none, elements; including “black” celebrities of all industries, and media outlets.

For the first time, these “leaders” will be graced with the opportunity of achieving the Constitution legal, Federal, Holiday, second only to the July 4th, something that greatly arouses the law’s Subject Beneficiaries, i.e., federal, black citizens, to their blessed inheritance, thereby benefiting all Americans of such citizenry, regardless of ethno-racial identities.

Therefore, by Ms. Waters endorsing and leading this effort on Capitol Hill, in greatly in her interest, and lasting legacies.

For non-Subject Beneficiaries, i.e., Americans of willing immigration, this is now their historical, unprecedented, opportunity to now help begin the true, earnest efforts of causing The Most High GOD to decree white/black healing reconciliation…

…even as desired in the 2008, Official, Congressional Apology Resolution HR #194 (Simple), “For Slavery and Jim Crowism”, as well as that of the 2005 US Senate, “Anti-Lynching” Resolution, S. Res. #39.

Then, from that moment, we will conduct-launch the public awareness campaign announcing that this January 1,2024, News Years Day, will be the very first annual, celebratory commemoration; along with it being the first day of the 2024 Presidential race, the catching of that energy – “wave” to “surf” our way right down its’ middle, thereby capturing the national narrative with this and related matters, such as;

  • the Ted Hayes For 2024, President Appointed Homeless Servant Czar (HSC);
  • the GREATEST MORAL QUESTION concerning the military i, force relocate homeless, US citizens into internment camps;
  • Trumps stance on the border, in that, illegal immigration invasion, negatively effects federal black citizens more than anybody else;
  • Trumps assertion that he seeks to emulate his greatest Presidential mentor, Abraham Lincoln, and to finish what he started.

The homeless matter strategically places us in the very center of the 2024 political election.

Therefore, we kickoff our We the People Campaign by October 18th.

Thanks kindly for your continued interest.





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