Shaken Out of America's Deep Sleep
         The Rude Awakening


“Those who hope that the Negro needed to blow off steam and will now be content will have a rude awakening if the nation returns to business as usual.”  MLK, Jr. “I Have A Dream””

The "Rude Awakening" Part I

The American Dream Has Become The Rude Awakening 

This highly upsetting situation is due to the unfinished business that We the People of the United States have with GOD concerning the national Chattel Slave-Race “Wound” that was inherited on July 2-4,1776.


"Boo! Gotcha America"

It appears that alas, finally, the great of Day of Vindication in this Judaic-Christian

"one nation under GOD" has suddenly come upon us


The 1993 Warning by the late Rev.-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

At the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, on a hot Saturday afternoon, August 28,1963, young social-spiritual prophet, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. warned the American people who had become once again skaken to conscious by the Civil Rights movement from their personal American Dream sleep. 


He says to them, in their present conscious state of awareness to the truth of our Republics' national and vital cause, that should the the country forget or ignore the meaning of the day, and not continue with our “…great task remaining before us…” according to late, US President, Abraham Lincoln, but rather returns to the "deep sleep" of individual rights of personalized American dreaming business as usual, then America will have “a rude awakening” someday. See Gettysburg Admonition and Warning and Warning of Benjamin, Thomas, Abraham, Harriet and Martin


See the most extensive observation of Obama at "The Obama thing" Files


In light of the growing, fiscal and economic crisis, along with other nation-destroying calamities exploding in our society such as increased racial tensions, it appears that the tragic day has indeed alas come upon us as the hot, morning sun.


While we slept and dreamed of our individual rights and personal freedoms of capital gains, by ignoringt the stern waring of Dr. King, Jr., the socialist agent, called the "Obama thing" crept into our White House and is now proudly presiding over the complete demise of the United States of America.


The Americans that King, Jr. was addressing some 49 years ago, were those constitutionally identified as “White citizens” squabbling with other in what was called the 1960’s Civil Rights movement. See White Citizens


However, other than its historic, legendary status, and the exaltation of a great orator, the Civil Rights movement was an utter failure, because the state and looming fate of doom confronting the descendants of the chattel slaves is far worse in 2013 than what it was before 1964 Civil Rights Act of Congress, and even perhaps, 1865.


The Americans who initially heard the 1963 prophetic words were of Democratic Party persuasion, holding to traditional, conservative values; while others whether Democrat, Republican or otherwise who were ready to end the racially discriminating laws of Jim Crowism.


 Bamboozled By "Heart Change" of The Racist Democrats

After its long, horrid history of chattel slavery and legislated racism, i.e., Jim Crow, it appears (via late, US President John F. Kennedy and his brother as Robert as Attorney General) that the slave-holding, anti-Black, racist, Democratic Party had a huge change of heart toward the Americans whom the Constitution identifies as the people of involuntary servitude experience, including those of refugees and freemen status...all being Colored or non-White citizens.


Malcom X Warned The Chattel Slave Descendants

However, history has now revealed that instead of a "heart change", the Democrats made and an stategic intellectual adjustment that the late human rights activist, Malcom X, aka, Malik El Hajj Shabazz, called an clever act of bamboozlement.


When Mr. Shabazz saw the Negro leaders of 1963, including Dr. King, Jr. enjoiningt themselves with their former chattel slave-Jim Crow masters, he cried out "Black peoples you have had the wool pulled over your eyes. You have been hoodwinked.  You have been bamboozled".


Replacement By Illegal or Criminal Aliens

Clearly, Malcolm X was right, because after 49 years of Democrat oversight (1964-2013), whereby with their big-government, socialist programs, the Democratic Party deliberately weakened the work ethic of the chattel slave peoples which they hard earned through slavery.


This deliberate weakening of an obviously, very strong and threatening peoples, made it more possible for the Democrats to replace the chattel slave descendant Americans with foreign illegal or criminal aliens to replace them in the American socieity.


The former slave masters and Jim Crow proponents who destroyed Chattel Slave peoples and their descendants for generations yet to come by introducing the Negro leaders such as Dr. King to socialistic policies as the remedies for their inherited maladies!


To ensure that the Chattel Slave descendants can never recover from the nation-destroying socialist programs, the Democrats passed the 1965 Immigration Reform Act which led to the present massive illegal alien invasion and occupation of the United States upon them as well.


This devastation, being committed in the name of Civil Rights, which is identified as systematic, Ethno-racial cleansing of the Chattel Slave peoples out of the American Dream society!


Literally, The Guilty Parties

While the Democratic Party is culpable for the sin of commission against the American, chattel slave peoples, the Republican is worse by that of omission, because it was/is their duty, not the Democrats, to the nation to protect them from racist harm in order to ensure their experiential US citizenship “as is enjoyed by White citizens”.


The way to protect the only Americans who are specifically spoken of in the US Constitution, with special entitlements, whereby the federal government, particularly the President is directed to safeguard against any and all attempts to impede the progress of the Chattel Slave Americans, was/is to effectuate the Healing of the national slavery-race “wound”.


For all the talk about and around Barack Hussein Obama, whether for or against him, it is common knowledge that he is President primarily due to the color of his skin as it is erroneously related to the Chattel Slave peoples.



Due to America not being healed from the "wound", Mr. Obama, who is essentially a White man in a brown-"black" genetic, East African skin tan has been able to powerfully "pimp" this fake portfolio of himself.


As a result of Americans, particularly the Chattel Slave peoples not heeding the admonition of Dr. King concerning judging by character instead of skin color, the evidence of the open, unhealed “wound”, allowed for Obama to be selected President due to his supposed racial characteristics.  See the most extensive remarks on "the Obama thing" Files


More Warnings  

Our rebellion against Dr. King and many other warnings, including those of Thomas Jefferson, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Benjamin Franklin and many others, We the People have been rudely awakened out of our dream stupor of individual, personal “business as usual” quest for the American Dream.  See Warning: Benjamin, Thomas, Abraham, Harriet, Martin


However, as daunting as matters may seem, it is not too late to appease the LORD in HIS concern for our nation as it relates to the peculiar, chattel slavery institution and its generational aftermath.


All we have to do is acknowledge this national, generational offense and HE will have Mercy upon US.


Thanks for considering


Agape-Shalom in Jerusalem, Blessed Bethlehem

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