The Calamitous State

of American Black US Citizens

The Non-Willing Immigrant, Chattel Slave Class

The fate of the American, Black US citizen who happen to be the descendant children of exiled out of Africa, African slaves, is at best bleak and filled with unprecedented darkness, even in the land of the free.

Ominously, there are too many signs and/or indications demonstrating that West African American Blacks are trending in an ever- increasing "free-fall" towards total devastations in all aspects of life in the United States of America.

Ironically, it is upon these same whipped "backs" of enslaved, multi-national West Africans, that this great nation of willing immigrants, is constructed in nearly every aspect of social life, making them the subsequent Black, beating heart of United States.

Vicariously, we children are our ancestors, as our ancestors (whereby this present calamity has befallen and is destroying American Blacks) in turn, are us.  We are one with each other by generational connectedness, evident by the descending children of today as suffering the shenanigans (misdeeds-sins) of our ancient fathers-ancestors of yesterday.

Without laying blame upon anyone for the languishing of Blacks, I simply want you to understand our catastrophes and appreciate why it is my earnestly sincere, heartfelt practice to seek our salvation by adhering to the GOD-Abraham - Blessing & Cursing Covenant; acting upon the GOD-Solomon Covenant for the nations; and taking hold of the "skirt" of a Jew (+), etc. The GOD Abraham Covenant (+) and "Salvation is of the Jews" Jesus-Yeshuah [John 4:22]

Again, not laying blame upon anyone, including ourselves...the disastrous state of American Black US citizens is in a devastation unseen in the United States prior to the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Ironically, on August 28,1963, the late American social prophet, civilian, non-government employed icon, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. proclaimed in front of the Lincoln Memorial Monument before eyes and ears of America, that " hundred years later, the Negro is still not free".

Yet, 47 years since that proclamation and the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act ending legislated racism, the Negro or Black emancipated slave citizens is worse off.

According to all studies, though the Black emancipated slave class is only 11 or 12 % of the general population, we disproportionately lead all other ethno-racial groups and classes in the United States in nearly every negative malady or social statistic including homelessness which is over 60 %.

From the murder of our youths by our youths, to out of wed-lock childbirth, abortion, to crime and prison populations, to infestation of diseases including AIDS, to lack of health care, housing and unemployment, etc, the emancipated slave class has led the nation for generations dating back to 1866.

Such a condition is not by accident, nor necessarily the product of a vast conspiracy by other groups or entities against us, though some do take unjust advantage of our situation, at this juncture self condemnation alone is inappropriate, but rather adding the practice of obeying-embracing the precepts of generational responsibility outlined in the Hebrew Holy Scripture.

Herein, is the entry onto the "highway" of atonement, restitution, redemption and reconciliation between GOD and humanity, therefore, it is my faith that the LORD of Host over all nations in HIS Grace will Mercifully grant to us as a forged through slavery and it's aftermath peoples, Salvation even as HE does for Jews and Israel.

Some may not understand my actions and beliefs, while others may ridicule me for what seems to them "foolish faith" or wishful and naive behavior.

Nevertheless, the lamentations of my holy quest must and will continue, because given the present situation and desperate conditions of Blacks combined with the rapid moving time frame, it is the only option left to me...I hope in the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob-Israel, David, Solomon, Jews and Jesus of Bethlehem-Nazareth - Galilee to help save the unique peoples of the American West African, Black Emancipated Class.  The GOD Abraham Covenant (+)


Emancipated Slave Class (+)