Are You too, along with the VAST MAJORITY
of Americans who are fed up with the present
2-4-6 year political, electoral cycle processes?

Want to do something positively powerful about it other than talk?


To The Human Bubble Initiative

Picking Up Where "Occupy" and "Tea Party" Left Off
OImproving life on earth outside tof he electoral processes ,
beginning with the United States of America

The White Flag of Truce
Transcending Elective Politics, Race, Ethicity, Social Class Status, Religion, Age, et al.

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Would you like your vote repected and counted?  Yes?

Frustrated and confused about complicated ballot measures, intiatives, referendums, etc?  Yes?

Will you put your gifts, talents, resources, blessings, good fortune for the liberation of 6,000,000,000 homeless, poor and oppressed peoples of earth?  Yes?

Tired of believing promising political candidates who "sell-out" to corruption after elected? Yes?

Every political candidates offers hope and change!  That's the nature of politics.

Would you participate in organized, non-violent, love oriented work improving life on earth? Yes?

If you were empowered, would help the 61/2 billion folks suffering on earth?  Yes?
  The power
of We the people, the non-voting majority Healing the national soul without balloting
or bulleting.
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