The Human Bubble Explosion

(Hum-BuB- Ex)

Big-Bang of Humanity and The Technologies

(drafted by Ted Hayes 11/2011)


After circa 5,000 years of written history that began in the ancient Mesopotamian Valley known as the Plains of Shinar, between the Euphates and Tigriss Rivers (* modern day Iraq), which is considered the cradle of western civilization, suddenly in the mid-1800s with start and continuation of the Industrial Revolution.


Comcamtantly, it was during this era that the great explosion in human population also began, along with that of technologies of super travel and astronomical communications abilities of "today"-the present.


Things have moved so sudden and quickly, that is is like "yesterday" - the past is suddenly (*as though overnight) here "today" - present is now defining "tomorrow" - the future.  See "Hum-Bub" chart ---


Travel technology of the first 5,000 years was a comparatively long era or epoc in which humanity’s mode of rapid transit other than foot -walking & running, was by horse and horse drawn chariot-buggy, wagon, stage-coach, and wooden ship-ocean liners, etc. 


Communications technology during the same period was by the technologies of mouth-voice-tonal sounds, trumpets, drums, bells, flag waving, hand signals and those made by puffs of smoke from small fires, even the more rapid information sending of homing pegions, etc.


Suddenly, in the mid-1800 (1840 - 1850) there came a crescendo explosion eccelerating around pre and post 1900 and rapidly mulitiplying in recent decades to shockingly, blinding advances in technological sciences, including those of sub-atomic to the super astronomical use of  invention, i.e., "Yankee Ingenuity" which stimulated by freedom in the United States of America.


It is as though the nations of the world were visted via the the Norvu Ordu Seclorium - New Order of the Ages United States of America, by some mysterious, almost magical, miraculous – intelligence like the iconic accelerated knowledge giving, black, rectangular block of the feature motion picture film, "2001" A Space Odessy

What was/is the cause of our sudden, unprecedented "Big-Bang" biological-technology explosion whereby travel and communications technologies transformed humanity by dazzling quantum leaps into the present time-future dispensation of the vast “human bubble” population?


Such a sudden lurch or quantum leap-energy and steady acceleration of these technologies of travel and communications has humanity swirling around in a dizzying state of global shock by which the lower natures of humanity is taking over that which is above.


This quantum leaping in travel and communications began in what is commonly known as the industrial revolution essentially beginning in the early 1800's, particularly during and immediately following the US Civil War of the 1860-1865, bounding in the areas of land transportation (on trains being first, followed by automobiles); to sea – from wooden sailing vessels to steam powered engines; even to air and now space explorations, all within a sudden and short spurt of around 100 years.


Compared to the circa 5,000 years of static technology, this recent 100 is clearly a sudden and explosive leap for the humanity into the world that it now exist as the dispensation of the Human Bubble.

Picture the time scale as an helium filled balloon on a string.


The long string is the time line of 5,000 plus recorded years of history and the balloon is the human population and technologies explosion "bubble" of this last 100 years - century.


The string represents the the 5,000 year period of comparitive darkness (technolotical), whereas the balloon itself represent the presnt, sudden "humban bubble"


While it appears that the capacity of the earth "balloon" is at its limits and could tragically burst due its growong applied pressue resulting in the end of humanity, there remains yet an anwer to this apparent imminent universal catastrophy.


The "Human Bubble" (Hum-Bub) movement contends that you, the reader of this message are the answer to the global ailments of the earths billions of peoples, because those whom we castigate as elitist, super rich, the so called 1% percent, obviously are not sober enough from their self-percieved sense of power to behave themselves as responsibible adults.


Of the seven billion (7,000,000,000) human beings on earth, six and a half (6,500,000,000) are existing as the 0% Zero Percent in homelessness, abject povery, slavery, and resultant pyscho-physical-emotional maladies, whereas, the 99% Ninety-nine Percent of the western world society enjoy-suffer inordinate prosperity along with 1% One Percent global ruling classes.


The Hum-Bub is recruiting you who are fortunate to exist a member of the 99% free, western worlds to utilize your talents, skills, gifts, money, resources spirituality, intellect, etc, to champion the cause of the 0%.


The formula is when the 99%-ers embrace the 0%-rs, the 1%-ers will then join them and all of us become equitably the 100%-ers, thereby making peace on earth.


As it is the will of the Progenitor-Creator of the Universe, it seems clear that those of us whom HE has placed among the 99 %-ers empowered by HIM with certain gifts and rights, we are the chosen to champion HIS cause for the 0%-ers in this unprecedented, global, "human bubble."


We can do this!


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