The HEAL America Campaign

Healthcare For The National Soul of America

Focused Clinic Audiences

And Expected Results For Attendees of Clinics


Heal The Slavery-Race “Wound” In The Soul of America


Presented and Conducted By Ted Hayes American Black Patriot Activist

Sponsored By The HEAL America Campaign Board of Directors 

The audiences sought by The HEAL America Campaign (THAC) Clinics are first and foremost for those who yearn to participate in ending the slavery-race “wound” of  race-baiting racism; generational ethno-racial hatred, accusations, suspicion, fear, distrust; and pigmentation and class politics in the United States, primarily between White and Black citizens.

It is evident that the Marxist-socialist agents have cleverly used the race as the "trump card" against the vulnerable civil sensibilities of Anglo-White, English-speaking Americans to undermine their ability or confidence to wage an effective fight to stand in the rightness of the United States of America.

 Most Americans crave to have the near fatal, opened and agitated “wound” that was inherited by the United States from the British Empire July 4,1776 to be finally healed from it, that this New Nation as described by Abraham Lincoln "conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal", may indeed live as a 'post racial' country.

Such audiences are of the political and cultural persuasions of Conservatism (Democrat or Republican or otherwise and Independent), and of the Republican Party, as well as the de facto political entity, the Tea Party movement given that their quest is for the morale rectitude of conservative values.

Ready made audiences include such as social-business clubs like Chambers of Commerce, Rotaries, Republican Women’s Federated etc; schools and college campus clubs, etc.; and especially religious or spiritual bodies such as churches, synagogues, mosques and temples, et al.

The Spirituality of HEALing America

The latter group of audiences of churches, synagogues, mosques and temples are special because religion or spirituality is the corner stone of any society. 

As spirituality connects with or remains "on-line" with the DIVINE BEING, civil-social decency will flow throughout the land thereby empowering American Patriots with the morally-spiritual fortitude to put down any rebellion from domestic enemies and/or turn back all foreign foe invaders.

Participating in the HEALing and Health of America’s National Soul is the objective these Clinics which is essentially a Judeo-Christian spiritual action. 

However, clinics are not geared to community established entities only, but they are also for informal groups that may perhaps form together specifically for producing and attending the Healing Clinics and afterwards either disband or continue as such, if they so desire.  Nevertheless, they all will be better equipped to carry out their particular assignments in the struggle for America.

These Clinics will later become attractive to liberals as well, who too are weary of the projected proverbial “White-guilt” complex of and the paralyzing effects of political correctness.

 Many Liberals also want America to finally HEAL from the July 4,1776 inherited from the British Empire the slave-race “wound” that we suffer today and is threatening our children’s tomorrow.

At the end of the Clinic event, attendees will leave with a new and improved spirit of hope, with a keen sense of empowerment to effectively perform their roles of helping to advance the cause of the Founding Fathers American Dream in defense of the United States of America.

That empowerment is derived from certain information generally considered politically incorrect that immediately upon hearing it, physiological and/or spiritual liberation of the attendees minds and souls will begin to take effect.

By the clinics end, attendees will have a sense of Healing and equipped with tools and “weapons” to increase your ability to effectively wage a just fight for our country.

To host a Healing The National Soul of America Clinic you may contact me at Ted@TedHayes.US call 424-222-6010

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Heal The Slavery-Race “Wound”

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