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Clinics To Heal The Soul of America

The Anesthesia of Truth

"And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”

Jesus Christ


For there to be a real healing, two-way and/or back and forth discussion between White and Black US citizens about the causal and remedy of the painfy race and slavery issue - "wound" in the United States of America, there must be the anesthesia of honesty and truth.


In other words, the most important element of for the healing operation via discussion, naked trust has to be established first as a way to numb or ease painful truths.


The Hebrew Holy Scriptures of this Judeo-Christian nation admonishes the Believers to "confess your faults one to another.  Pray for each other, that you may be healed", therefore it is my sentiments that the US citizens who held in slavery must first admit to their role, in any in the Transatlantic Slave Trade and ensuring racism that followed their liberation from involuntary servitude.

It is imperative that the Emancipated Slaves, American Black US citizens admit-confess that American “White citizens” did not initiate slavery, nor did the Portuguese or Spaniards, but rather it was the flourishing industry of West African government leaders in business with Muslims of Islam, both Arab and Native merchants of human cargo.

“We the People” of this New Nation, the United States of America brought forth on this continent by our Founding Fathers “…conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal” actually inherited the slave business from the British Empire July 4,1776.

Please see these links http://tedhayes.us/THAC_Racial_Canard.htmc  /  http://tedhayes.us/THAC_inherited_slavery.htm

Before any honest conversation about the slavery-race wound of America can be conducted, including Clinics for healing the national souls of the United States, American Black US citizens must come to the Martin Luther King, Jr. “Table of Brotherhood” no longer merely pointing the finger at White folks, but rather embrace their own ancestral role in the catastrophe.

Such honest confession before GOD, the world, and American "White citizens" by the descendants of West African Americanized chattel slaves would cause "numbing" trust to also be honest truthful about their roles.

However, for a generation, since the assassination of Rev.-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., certain African American Civil Rights leaders have waged a successful campaign of blaming the proverbial “White man” for everything amiss with American Black US citizens, i.e., Emancipated Slaves, Freedmen-Freemen-Refugees, which is patently a lie and convenient myth by reparations hustlers.

It is a fact, that whenever a racial crisis has ensued in the United States derived from an incident between Black and White, the national tone has always taken on the effect of certain “usual suspects” African American Civil Rights leaders lecturing and castigating Whites for their racism and involvement in the generations destroying slave trade, demanding reform on their part.

True to what the race-baiters call “White guilt complex” – political correctness, American “White citizens” have succumb to political correctness paralyzing the nation resulting in the three invasion points of entry by politico Islamic-Muslims, Hispanic Illegal Aliens, and Barack Hussein Obama, all using the race “weapons” of skin color, racial characteristics and the Civil Rights Legacy.

Every Clinic Seminar must open with presenting the fact that slavery was indeed the original work of the Blacks and Muslims in West Africa and not European Portuguese, Spaniards, English, Dutch, and other White-Caucasian European nations, kingdoms and imperialistic empires.

However, such knowledge does not vindicate or exonerate those entities who chose to ignore their Judaic and Christian morays to buy themselves into the human cargo business of what in known as the Transatlantic Slave Trade, thereby inheriting to themselves what I call the “African Curse” which now threatens the every existence of the United States and the world.

Nevertheless, before any major “operation-surgery” for healing, it is imperative that an anesthesia is administered to the patient to avoid unnecessary pain and trauma.

The subjects of the Clinic have a tendency to agitate or cause pain thereby reducing the patients willingness to have the procedure.

By recommending the administering of the anesthesia of truth to American citizens seeking relief from the slavery-race “wound”, it is imperative that the fact of the origins of chattel slavery and subsequent racial discord be revealed, which is that the peculiar institution began in West African among the inhabitants there and not White peoples.


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