The HEAL America Campaign

Healthcare For The National Soul of America


Threat To National  Security

Defeat Racist Attacks Against The National Security of the United States

By HEALING The Race-Slavery “Wound” In The Soul of America


Presented and Conducted by

Ted Hayes

American Patriot Black Activist

Sponsored by The HEAL America Campaign Board of Directors

It is imperative that the Campaign maintains its’ original purpose of ardently seeking the Healing of this “new nation’s soul which was (…”conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal”. (The late US President, Abraham Lincoln)

Staying to true to its’ mission will result in our empowerment to stand against and defeat the following nation-killing threats to the United States of America:

  • The primarily Hispanic/Latino-Mexican illegal immigration civilian invasion;

  • The Middle Eastern based Islamic-Muslim incursion; 

  • US President, the Hon. Barrack Hussein Obama, self-professed citizens of the world


The chosen weapons of the invading forces of the Axis are as follows:

  • Skin Color

  • Racial Characteristics

  • The Civil Rights Legacy of American White and Black US Citizens, i.e. Emancipated Slaves, Freedmen-Freemen


Through this “clinic” series, gaining knowledge of the threats to our national sanctity under GOD, those of us who now find ourselves awakened  by and to the intent of the HEAL America Campaign and are committed to its’ purpose, are the “first respondents” to addressing and HEALing of the this New Nation’s soul from the ancient “wound”.

In other words, the Campaign is in need of leaders who are willing to go through the first “rights of passage” procedures in the initial “clinics”, that they may conduct such themselves throughout the nation.

 In order to rapidly go “viral” nationwide, the Campaign must be able to absorb the masses of weary Americans “yearning to breathe free” from unjustified racial attacks with a relief from the painful “wound” of slavery and subsequent racial agitation in the United States of America.

Literally, these workshop “Clinics”, are going to be a lot of work with some trial and error, but overall, perhaps, GOD just may surprise us with Providential intervention provided that we at least try.

Therefore, it is the workshop “operations” on the soul of America that will ultimately stimulate the masses to publicly insist of government officials, including the militaries, as well as all American citizens to immediately submit themselves to the Constitution that establishes the “new nation under GOD, conceived in liberty and dedicated the proposition that all men are created equal”

It is within the “Clinics” that we will receive the internal and moral strength to lift our Standard against the threats.

To host a Healing America's National Soul Clinic, contact me at Ted@TedHayes.US and/or 424-222-6010

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Heal The Slavery-Race “Wound”

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