Basic Proposal: The Compton Cricket Club International Cricket Venture

(Edinburg directory)

Justiceville 501-c3, A US Corporation

The Compton International Cricket Venture

“Da Brothaz & de OGz”
(USAOG, meaning United States of America, Original Gentlemen or Guys)
The Compton Cricket Club, USA
(drafted TH 06 /10/2023 – Revised 07/21/2023)

The Ethics and Civilizing Qualities of The Grand Sporting Ole’ Game, As Well As the Huge Financial Enterprise of American Cricket, Functioning On The Already Global Foundation and Legacy of the Compton Cricket Club’s (CCC), Homie’s & the POPz

The First American Born, All Black Cricket Team In US History
This strategic plan says, that now is the time for such a black owned and operated sporting venture.  If not now, when? And if not us, who?  Eventually, somebody will.

The primary advantage that we have over any other would-be competitors for the initial launching of this wonderful American Cricket enterprise, is the proven experience, and resulted legacy of the CCC’s H&Pz Exhibition Team Focus.

With the encouragement, endorsement, sponsorship support, as well partnership a conglomerate of investors, or a single individual, et al, perhaps, entitled the “CCC and Associates”, financial investments, and/or in-kind…

…for this proposed, strategic plan devised by the Compton Cricket Club (CCC), under the auspices of Justiceville, 501-c3 corporation, and its new international traveling, exhibition Cricket team, dubbed “Da OGz & De Bruthaz”, will produce the following benefits:

  1. The Sporting Worlds
  • Cricket – similar to the 1970’s entre of the West Indies blacks into the Grand Ole Game, stirred great excitement, interest, freshness of play, and financial marketing, so will that of the Compton, Da OGz & De Bruthaz” (OGZ & DBz), even greater in light of the unique, historical legacy and personage of the team itself, i.e., a blessed of GOD, matter of black lives.
  • All sports, including Olympics, due to the interesting, world grabbing attention novelty of the team, and the succeeding discussions that swirl around the understood mission of the Compton Cricket Club.

We have a moral cause, carrying the banners of the USA and the People of Compton, even the universal principles of the Olympics, Joanna D. Hayes, being an Olympian Gold Medalist of 2004, who is an Honorary Board Member of Justiceville

  1. Instilling Humble Pride, Visionary Hope and Good Societal Actions
  • The Peoples and City of Compton, Particularly American African, US Black Citizens
  • The Peoples of Venice Beach
  • The Homeless and Youth,
  • Join into Cricket enterprise, playing the sport and business
  1. American “Ambassadors” under auspices of The White House (OGz & DBz) as was the H&Pz)
  • Making all Americans proud
  1. British Royal Family (potential)
  • King Charles III
  • HRH Prince Edward
  1. American Cricket becomes a huge financial boon enterprise with the CCC special branding

The Narrative
First, The World Sporting Industry

Dwarfing all three major US sports of base-basket-football, Cricket, the world’s second largest fan-based sport, second only largest to soccer, will greatly generate unprecedented attention to the grandest Game on earth, including all sporting realms in a most exciting, and trendsetting way.

According to the plans’ calculations, like flying insects naturally drawn to light, such bright, refreshing energy gendered around the Da OGz & De Bruthaz will attract all of Los Angeles governments, as well as private sector interest, including that of sports, to support and be a significant part of its agenda, including the White House.

The benefits derived from this venture will produce the following:

  1. Cricket development in the AmericaA.Introduction of and recruitment into the rich and wonderful of world of Cricket with all its’ aspects, from play of the sport to business ventures, etc.,
  2. Creation of more ambassadorial, travelling, exhibition teams, even stimulating that of the international communities;
  3. Development of competitive team
  4. Establishing leagues from amateur to professional, including institutions of learning from pre-school to collegiate, etc.,
  5. Reviving, renewing, restoring the original Ideals of the civilizing qualities of Cricket;
  6. Note: Always bearing in central perspective, that the foundation of our enterprise is the earnest promotion of the civilizing quality, inherent within the Ideal of Cricket, based on its ethics.This principle contains the fundamental understanding that will set and keep in motion, safeguarding “mechanism” within the enterprise that stems, or completely blocks out the seeds of natural corruption.
  7. Upgrade in skills as well as national and international enthusiasm, similar to the era of the 1970’s-1980’s, West Indies entrance to International test Cricket competition
  8. Cricket Financial prospects in America is extremely high as its evitability to catch on, because human beings are ever on the hunt for a sport, either to play, watch or invest, etc.

Note: This is a discussion we must set for another segment.

  1.  Invested Funding for –
  2. A.  Stipends to salaries for players, coaches, managers, agents, promoters, etc.,
  3. Equipment – Cricket gear
  4. Transportation to practices and matches
  5. Uniforms (2 sets initially), including hats, caps and shoes

In conclusion, it’s the intent of the CCC to recruit, create and develop this new team as the “engine” that pulls the “train cars”, first as traveling exhibition to raise more interest in investors, potential spectators-fans, would-be players of the sport, particularly young peoples, of all ethno-racial identities of male and females, leading to the establishment of leagues, locally and nationally, but especial, it eventually becoming an actual competitive team, challenging those of professional, world Cricket, including The Cups.


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