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Greetings, Shalom and welcome,

Thank you for taking time to initially know of me and the ideals that I am presenting to the nations of the world by helping to make my own, the United States Union republic of America, a working model of rectifying injustices heaped by our ancestors-fore parents upon each other that we all presently reap.


Bearing the Burden of Our Ancestors

The atrocious behavior in our repective ancestors have implicated us, their descendant children today by association either through DNA, national statehood, including governmental, religious sector, and even business as well as social associatians, such as clubs, societies, etc.


Though not guilty of the misdeeds committed against each other, like or dislike, accept or reject the predicament that they have left us in, the reality is, together have inherited our ancestors heritage, and therefore responsible for, and culpable should our efforts to rectify them falters. 


My Spiritual Calling

Nearly all of my life, since being a toddler child, to some degree, I have always been an socio-politico-spiritual, Civil Rights activist, even awakened at the age of 4 years by the murder of young, 12 year old Emmit Till in Jackson, Mississippi, on August 28, 1955, at the hand of white supremacist, Ku Klux Klan adult men.


More significantly, that which seemed to always be present and watching over me in some special way since my March 9, 1951 birth, is what I came to know was/is GOD Himself.


In my vocabulary, you will notice my often acknowledgement of GOD, which is something that I have learned to become more natural with, particularly as HE is the Central Figure of he Declaration of Independence, the first law of the United States. See The Right To GOD Speak


Brief Activism Bio

See "Don't Pull The Trigger"

Since January 2,1985, at the Los Angeles County Board of  Supervisors, when arrested along with 13 others for committing actions of civil disobedience to government suppression of homeless peoples, I have been very active in the matters of homelessness, Civil Rights-racial healing between white and black US citizens.


Of late, beginning in January 2005, I have been defending our country from what has been erroneously dubbed, “illegal immigration”, but in any other nation, considered to be a stealth, non-military invasion-occupation by citizens of foriegn countries, as well as others such incursions seeking to dissolve the Union of the United States of America.  See The Moratorium Proposition at The Capital Hill National Caucus web sight.


My Patriotism

As an American, US *citizen, I am patriotic, even as all peoples should be to their own respective countries. See brief video "We Are Americans"


Patriotism is a most curious trait exhibited by us Americans of black African, genetic lineage, whom are descendant children of their ancestors and fore parents entrapped in the 245 years peculiar institution of British-US chattel slavery.


The system of chattel slavery and subsequent Jim Crowism, upon whose ancestors this nation of immigrants was/is built, is the Union’s greatest imperfection; along with its associated, anti-black antics of intimidation, degredation and violence, even individual and mass murders by white supremacist US citizens.


 Yet, oddly enough, as my dad, who was/is a US military, Army, Combat, Veteran of WWII and Korea, along with the millions more of our forefathers and ancestors, we chattel slave descendants have demonstrated patriotism greater than all other citizens.


Such truth is particularly poignant, particularly, unlike US citizens of willing immigration, chattel slave descendants whom are the only ones not of willing immigration heritage, and we remain curiously loyal to this/our only and beloved country.  See Mr. Patriot


Freedom of Belief and Transcendancy

Like everyone of conscious, I too have my own spiritual belief and socio-politico, economic philosophies and stances, but in them you will discover that there exist a realm of mutual benevolence to all concerned with the well being of humanity, particularly in the pages of “The Human Bubble” and “Then Follow Me NOW!”


Being 30 years civilly active in all forms of socio-political debate and even sports as activism, I have consistently worked from an unassailable foundation and evolved in much of my thinking and even attitude.  Such is a noble quality that every individual must learn to practices.


My spiritual beliefs allowed me to political evolve and even transcend in the practices of partisan politics in the USA, beginning as a member of the Democratic Party (being black a false natural) and youth member of the NAACP until 1985; to Independant, being disgusted with the Democrats; to "strangely" the Republican Party from 2003 thru 2009, and resigning when I discovered it was not that of the original 1854-56; to Decline To State in California.


Dutifully, on three occasions, I sought elective office, they are: 1st, 1993, Mayor of Los Angeles; 2nd, 2000, LA City Council, 9th District; and 3rd, 2008, US House of Representatives; and 2010, voting poll supervisor.


Indeed, while not a member of the psuedo establishment, known as the Republican National Committee (RNC), which represent the Party, a.k.a., the GOP throughout the nation, I am a real, republican in principle according to the radical mission-purpose of the original 1854-56 GOP (Grand Old Party). 


My Honor of and Committment To Israel and Jews 

Being born and established in this Judaic-Christian nation, while seeking justice for Arabs, and the followers of their Islamic faith of a religious polity, my primary focus is first and foremost the State of Eretz Israel, keepers of the "holy land", and Jews throughout the world. See Shining Stare of David


Heal America

It is my intent to help foment and attitude in US citizens whereby as We the People can manuever into a position whereby GOD can heal the chattel slavery-Jim Crow race wound to our naional, collective, generational soul that we inherited from our ancestors.  See Heal America the video and Press Release and The Workship Clinics


This is the great, potentially fatal "birth defect-mark" that POTUS Abraham Lincoln describes as the cause for the Union to be "a house divided agains itself" nation, that must be be recified lest we loose the republic given to us by our founding fathers.  See The 740,000


Republican Re-Radicalization

As you study what I have prepared to for you, the definition and character of real, American, republicanism and not the unorthodox philosophies being espoused by individuals whom don’t know what it is (98%) that you hear of from the present leaders whom erroneously identify themselves as republican.  See Republican and Conservative: Not The Same


In fact, most republicans believe and practice the wrong notion that that republican is synonymous with conservative…a fatal mistake that must be corrected for everyone sakes.


It is my intent to build a significant portion of We the People to became radicalized or re-radicalized republicans whom will finally take aggressive action to execute their duties as Guardians of the republic.


As you will learn, this truth is especially poignant and timely for the misguided, but well meaning, “Black Lives Matter” movement.


Thank you kindly for your interest and hopefully participation,


Thank you and Agape-Shalom, Tekun-Healing