The Blame Game

Blame It On Obama, The Perfect Villian

The Dangerous, Conservative, “Devil Made Me Do It” Syndrome

 The "perfect" Villian

Professed Patriot leaders boasting themselves of being responsible for their actions have been blaming Barack Hussein Obama for the destruction of the United States, thereby burning him in ideological effigy…he is the Guy Forks of America, worse than General Bennidict Arnold and John Wilkes booth…the greatest catastrophe to strike the nation since its July 4,1776 birth.


"Burn baby burn"


There is so much vitriol about this man, that those who are obsessed with Obama has made him the proverbial “scapegoat” for the obvious failures of the Republican National Committee, Tea Party and other conservative leadership.


As "wicked" Charles Manson pointly said in trial about himself, that he is the product of America, so is "the anointed one" (* Sean Hannity's perjorative) an ingenious production by the failure of the United States itself to be perfected.

Barack Hussein Obama and all that he represents is simply the mirror image of ourselves as broken, fatally wounded

and unhealed in the soul nation.

Just as We The People, charged with perfecting this Union are responsible and culpable for the government officials that we consent to govern us, the professed Patriot leadership must take responsibility for the “Obama thing” that has significantly progressed the generations old, American Socialist Counter Revolution.


One of those Patriot leaders, the Hon. Congresswoman, Michelle Bachmann was so obessed about Obama, she led others with the same malady in the now disappointing and embarrasing chant, "We are going to make Barack Obama a one term president". Remember that?  How is that working for us now.


By the way, I tried to warn Ms. Bachmann about her folly and provide her with a remedy to the "Obama thing", but to no avail.


Conservative Leadersh Shirking Their Reponsibility

Instead of taking responsibility and opening up to new “grass roots” leadership with nuance ideas, the conservative, Republican, Tea Party leadership has ironically taken a page out of the worn socialist book of blaming others for failures or irresponsibility, i.e. “the devil made me do it”, or “the devil stopped me” syndrome.


How many times have conservative leaders castigated Mr. Obama for blaming everybody and everything for his inadequacies, such previous US President George W. Bush, crisis in other nations, as well as nature or GOD?  Lots!




 The Red-Meat" Strategy Is Working

Ironically, the behavior of our failed leaders of “blaming the devil Obama” is precisely the diversionary plan that the socialist strategist had in mind all along, because as long as they go after the “red meat”, the true weakness of the nation continues to be exploited by them.


By solely blaming the Obama for this nations’ woes is evidence that these “watchmen” are asleep and must be removed from their posts before they wreck the nation any further.  GOD have mercy and spare us, not from the "Obama thing", but rather these failed, conservative, think-they-are-Patriots, leaders!


As most Americans, I don’t like the philosophy or antics of Mr. Obama either. In fact, I am probably his greatest nemisis.


However, as fun and easy it would be to blame him, he is not the fault of America’s demise, but rather the finishing touch to what these conservative leaders have already done by their denial of the true nature of America’s existence as a purported, Judaic-Christian "one nation under GOD" society.


Conservatives Pimping Obama

There is corpus dilicti – body of evidence demonstrating that the leadership who professes America as such an exceptional nation, are the very folks who generated the environment that allowed for the present appalling situation of  the "Obama thing" in very heart and center US government.


In an effort to deflect attention away from their own failure, our conservative leaders are ignorant of the fact that their fight is not with the “Obama thing” and the subsequent, nation-destroying fiscal crisis, but rather they rail against the Central Figure of the First United States Legal Document, the Declaration of Independence.


According the Holy Bible, wickedness such the “Obama thing”, economic woes, civil and social unrest, political confusion, and failed government leaders, natural disasters, etc., are calamities rendered by GOD Himself as the Judge of all the earth upon any nation in rebellion to HIS will for it.

"We, therefore...appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions...with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence..." (Dec of Ind)

 Following this divine rule, We the People are more responsible for allowing the failed conservative leaders to dominate over our destiny, by not organizing ourselves to oversee even them as well as those in government.



Essentially these leaders are right-wing Jesse Jacksons’ and Al Sharptons’ who consistently blame the proverbial “White man” for the woes of “African-Americans”.  If the “White man” disappeared, the likes of Jackson and Sharpton would be unemployed.


Yet, like them, the conservative leaders, crazed by loomming the threat to their personal finances and individual liberty, choose rather to ignore America’s truth, for the sake of  “pimping” the existence of the “Obama thing” as their perfect villain, which in the phony name of saving America, will keep them in power and cushy lifestyles.


Similarly, it is a “good thing” in the favor of the conservative leadership that Obama was re-elected after all instead of Mitt Romney to the Presidency, because had the latter won, there would not a need for them and their rhetoric. They would be unemployed.  For them, Obama being re-elected secured their kind of failed leadership for the next four years.


We Have Met The Enemy, and The Enemy Is US...Not Obama

In keeping with HIS Character, even as the founding fathers of the United States says in the First Legal Document, "The Supreme Judge of all the world for the rectitude (moral judgement) of our intentions", sent to us the wickedness of the "Obama thing", which demonstates that HE no longer is issuing HIS Divine Providence in our intention. 


No more Annuit Coeptis!


Therefore Patriots, our fight is not against “the devils”attacking and invading our country, but rather ourselves who are at controversy, contrariness and foolish, outright conflict with our Heavenly Father, The LORD of Hosts because our leadership refuses to acknowledge the truth of America that HE knows.


Finally, to simply blame and fight Obama, American Socialist Counter Revolution, and seeking to rectify fiscal and other judgment warnings, without “laying the axe to the root of the tree” of Americas crisis, is literal insanity, that if not ceased, GOD will indeed give the nation over to our dreaded, foreign and domestic enemies.The Blame Game

A Blessing Remains

To our blessing, just as We the People by our failure in obedience to GOD make it possible for the "Obama thing" to exist, it is by us that he can be purged from our midst and safely sent elswhere, by resuming the original proposition of the Declaration of Indpendence.

Please visit GOD in the Declaration of Independence and The Plight of GOD

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