The Omen

in the Tea Party-Conservative Movements

Narrative Part I

A Sign of the End or Beginning of America

The Conservative Republican movement has had a long, but up & down and cyclic, political run in this New Nation-country of the United States of America.

This erratic behavior of the s0 called Republican Party consists of surge-winning Presidential elections, governing, then loosing them, declining from governing, and again spectacular re-surges, simply to repeat of the same insanity as our country increases its descent into oblivion.

Instead of trending toward what has been traditional defined as the American Dream, a free market, capitalist society protected by a Republicab form of government, for which our founding fathers shed much blood for, America is rather falling rapidly into a socialist dominated Democracy - nightmare.

On the other hand the Liberal–left, socialist driven Democratic Party effort has had a steady, incremental progression to its ultimate objective of the Marxist-socialization of the United States into an enslaved, fascistic, cold, intolerant of human weaknesses, regime.

Based on the ominous trend, the recent surge of Democratic socialism under the Hon. US President, Barack Hussein Obama (BHO), the "Obama thing" occupying the Oval Office in the White House could be the death bell tolling the final, or the last gasps of Conservatism as major force in the United States.  Troubling isn't it?

 It should be,a because we deserve!

The Omen In the Tea Party-Conservative Movements

The Evidence of Conservative Failure: Since the election of Richard M. Nixon in 1968, the Republican-Conservative movement has won 7 of the last 11 Presidential elections to the Democrat-liberals’ now the 5th now counting the two BHO Administration.

It appears that after each Republican-conservative winning surge, the nation would move a step or so away from the socialist pit.

However, ominously, after lossing each Presidential election to the Democrat-liberals, our New Nation is set backward several steps beyond the gains of previous Republican-conservative Administrations, thereby now arriving at this unprecedented, dangerous situation with an Obama unnecessary second term.  See 2nd Term Not Necessary

Tracking The Presidential Electoral Record

Republican Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford had 8 years in the Presidency, followed by Democrat Jimmy Carter with4; then 12 consecutive more Republican years with Ronald Reagan George H.W. Bush; 8 for Democrat Bill Clinton; succeeded by Republican George W. Bush with 8 years; and now finally Democrat, Barack Hussein Obama with 4 plus(?) years.

This totals to 28 years for Republicans and merely 16 for the Democrats, yet, America is closer than ever to its’ demise as a free-market Capitalist enterprise, and open society as it descends into Marxist-socialism.

Apparently, while Republicans tend to win spectacular battles, the Democrats are consistently winning the overall war to take over America, because the latter embraces and maintains its continued legacy of socialism, while the former has abandoned its own, which is the most honorable in world history.

As as result of the Republican Party gutting itself of its own noble and sacred legacy, the leadership has now exchanged championing morality of Human and Civil Rights with the stange, values of the money-power-mad Democratic Party.

The reasons for this peculiarly ominous degeneration of the “One nation under GOD”, is that while Republicans call for returning to the foundational Constitutional mandates of the Declaration of Independence, it is obvious that such has not yet been achieved by the Republican conservative movements.

The Obvious, Ominous Key

It is to be noted that since the 1968 Nixon-Republican election to that of George W. Bush, the Republicans won the White House without the so-called “Black vote” of which over 90% has always gone to the Democrats.

This is a very odd occurance due to the horrific way in which the Democratic Party has historically mistreated and abused the so African-Americans. 

Strange isn't it.  Perhaps, it is like the Stockholm Syndrome!  Or Blacks, whom I prefer to call Descendants of the Chattel Slaves and Freemen, recognize that their once beloved champion had abandoned them, they feel sligted and apparently would rather take the abuse of an open enemy, instead a phoney friend.licans No Longer "To The Rescue"

However, had the professed Guardians of the Republic not abandoned their own legacy, the travesty of the sons and daughters of the slaves being re-entrapped in what Conservatives call the Democrat Plantation would not have occurred.


The last serious dealings the Republican Party had with the slave immigrants, upon whose backs this New Nation of immigrants was/is built by immigrants, was a short 11 years after the slavery ending Civil War from from 1865 to 1877.

Weary of failing to improve the state and fate of the former slaves and Freemen, the Republican led federal government abandoned them to the Democratic Party’s interposition and nullification of the 14th Amendment and the 1866 Civil Rights Act by racial laws of segregation.

This is what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. alluded to in his August 28, 1963, "I Have A Dream" speech at the Lincoln Memorial in Washinton, DC, saying

"I have a dream that one day the state of Alabama, whose governor's lips are presently dripping with the words of interposition and nullification, will be transformed into a situation where little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls and walk together as sisters and brothers."

Ironically, the governor of Alabama at the time of the statement was a Christian, conservative, Democrat as all the other governors and government officials of the States that enforced Jim Crow race laws.

After the great 1877 President Rutherford Hayes Abandoment of the Republican legacy, it wa not until 1952 when retired, Army General, Christian, Republican, conservative, Dwight David Eisenhower was elected US President, did the GOP attempt another try at the completing the unfinished business that America has with GOD concerning the freed slaves and their children.

The most honorable Mr. Eisenhower tried to live up to the specical obligations to nation via the instructions outlined for the US President in the Civil Rights Act of 1866, as it relates to finishing the work the founding fathers began concerning the Descendants of the Chattel Slaves.  See 1866 Civil Rights Act Sections 4, 8, 9

Also, the President apparently was trying to heed the admonition and warning of Abraham Lincoln that if this new nation did not finish the great task set before it by GOD, that it would not survive.

Like Lincoln, the old, retired, Army general recognized that "government of, by, and for the people" not perishing from the earth along with all other great nations, is its successful completion of its unfinished business with The LORD.  See Admonition and Warning

 Complying with the instructions of the 1866 Civil Rights Act, in 1954, President Eisenhower led the nation to desegregate schools by a US Supreme Court order.  Brown vs. The Board of Education

Then in 1957, justified by the Civil Rights Act of 1866, the late President Eisenhower dispatched federal troops to the Little Rock  Arkansas's, Central High School, and initial framed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, with Republicans overwhelming outvoting the Democrats for it.

Yet, since that time, there exist a strange, but conspicuous silence about the true purpose of Republican duties to Guard and proted the Republic from all forms of tyranny, including Marxist-socialism, bigoted, relgious polity incursions, foreign civilian invasions and occupation of America which we now exprience.

It is evident that the Republicans are not standing their post in this matter, otherwise, the United States would not be facing imminent doom. 

"We the People" are meeting with a calamitous retribution because of our rebellion to finish the work of the founding fathers, the architects of the 13th, 14th, 15th Amendments and Civil Rights Act of 1866, Abraham Lincoln and those suffering boys of the Civil War, as well as the efforts of President Dwight David Eisenhower.

Given our nations state of affairs and looming fate of doom, it is obvious that there is a breech of the Covenant with the DIVINE Deity of the Declaration of Independence.

The only way to turn back the tide against our New Nation, is to re-shoulder the mantle of responsibility as the Guardians of the Republic, which is its business with GOD concerning the decendants of the slaves.

Please see Part II of The Omen In The Tea Party Movement 

"As President, I will fundamentally change the United States of America" 

Barrack Hussein Obama, Presidential Candidate 2008

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