TEA PARTY Conservative Connection Open Letter


The Omen Part I

in the Tea Party-Conservative Movements

See Omen In Tea Party NARRATIVE (+)


Greetings Tea Party and Conservative Movement Leaders and American Patriots resisting illegal immigration

May I bring to your attention……

The American "Black" - Tea Party Conservative Connection

Note: "Black" meaning descendants of chattel slaves and Jim Crow Survivors

See "Purging The Term Black"


The Commonality of so called Blacks and Tea Party/Conservative, Republican Movements

And The Tri-Point Civilian Invasion-Occupation of the United States of America, That Being...

1. White, Hispanic/Latino Illegal Immigration Civilian Invasion

2. Muslim-Islamic Evangelism

3. The Obama "thing" in the White House

Please see attached proposal document (+) which outlines a basic theme, plan and strategy that reveals the connection between our movements with the concerns of American Black US citizens, i.e. the descendants of emancipated, Chattel Slaves and Freemen, and Jim Crow Suvivors, or commonly known as African Americans, Afro-Americans, Negroes, Colored People, et al.

Notice that there are three points by which the three foreign civilian elements are invading the United States via our:

* own laws, most notably, the First Amendment; However, in the case of illegal immigration invasion-occupation, the 14th Amendment is the prime, ultimate "weapon" of choice as it is a "dagger" in the very heart of the United States.

* tolerance of and kindness towards strangers as an attribute and testiment of the good, civil sensibilities of the American people...which race baiters call the "White guilt" or "American guilt";

These invasion points are skin color, race, and the Civil Rights Legacy as it pertains to Blacks, i.e., descendants of chattel slaves, et al;

It is my intention to implore you to recognize the powerful “weapon" that is lying latent in "Blacks" and the Tea Party-conservative-Republican movements which is to publicly STAND with and behind us as your shield, that together in tandum, in the Spirit of GOD we will successfully wage counter or insurgent war against the enemy who has come in "ike a flood.".

"When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a Standard against him Isaiah 59:19

And together, by the Citizen's Oath of office, which is the Preamble, to enforce that our government officials cease their rebellion against GOD to do what they are sworn to, that is to, "...support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;"

The proposal focuses on the unity that latently exists already between two apparently diametrically opposed groups in America, so called Whites and Blacks US citizens.

Yet, all polling and surveys demonstrates that, while not necessarily actively fighting against it as Tea Party-conservative-Republican movements are, 96% of all Americans are opposed to illegal immigration and most support SB 1070 type of legislation. 

These stats include Black folks, who according to surveys, including one conducted by the Los Angeles Times for December 31,2007, not only oppose it, but want deportation for illegal aliens far more than Whites because they/we are receiving the brunt of the invasion.  See LA Times Survey (+)

It is my theory, that should we embrace the plan and strategy presented in the attached proposal, the odds of us saving our nation is greatly increased.  

Thank you for your time, consideration and hopefully participation in this venture.

All the Best of GOD to you and yours,

Ted Hayes

American Patriot Civil Rights Activist   

Shalom in Jerusalem – Blessed Bethlehem

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