American "Black" - Tea Connection

The Ironic Commonality of "Blacks" and Tea Party/Conservative Movement

 (as proposed by Ted Hayes, American Patriotic Civil Rights Activist 08/19/2010)



The upstart Tea Party-Conservative movements are seemingly juxtaposed - contrasted and/or polarized against the community of American Black US citizens, i.e., Emancipated Chattel Slaves, a.k.a. African Americans based imagery and perceptions. 

The very opposite…is true!


 Ironically and not necessarily surprising, this apparent polarization is actually something by which we can handily work in the favor of our country.


Perhaps, the Tea Party movement and its leaderships can gain a strong relationship with Blacks if recognized by both entities that there is something that they actually do have in common with each other, and that is, each want to experience a secure nation by defeating the foreign, civilian invasion-occupation, errroneously dubbed, illegal immigration.


This unexpected realization could very well make the difference in the defense our country, similar to when the Emancipation Proclamation brought Blacks into the Union Army during the US Civil War in 1863 causing fortunes of the New Nation to change for the better.  Divine Providence?!? Of course it was, even as the originally reluctant President, Abraham Lincoln explicitly noted. See


The connection by which they agree and are one:

The American US Civil Rights Legacy of Blacks belongs to American White US citizens on behalf of the sons and daughters of the West African, Americanized chattel slaves and their descendant children, but not to illegal aliens regardless of their color, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, etc. See Experience, Not Skin Color pr Minority Status

  1. The 14th Amendment of the Congressional Civil Rights of 1866 is not the national Birth and Identity Right of children born to foreign mothers illegally within the geo-political boundary, but rather indeed the sole property of the American Black US citizens, the Subjects of the Act.


  1. Blacks have Constitutional and moral STANDING to the bounties, benefits and even a form of Reparations as well, ahead of any illegal alien (federal government term) and their anchoring offspring.


  1. Both are generally conservative in their ethical-moral, fiscal beliefs systems, and practices or at least struggle to aspire to actually live by them.


  1. Both are hopelessly Patriotic.


However, the primary connection point or issue that makes them politically one is their mutual concerns about invasion-occupation and all its aspects, etc.


Should the Tea Party and conservative movements and other Patriot entities fighting the invasion forces begin to proclaim that they and the chattel slave descendants, et al., stand together in joing the Spirit of GOD to "raise a standard" against it, we will gain a new, powerful synergy that the invaders are not prepared for and unable to resist.


Despite the skin colors or racial characteristics in general and/or socio-political Party affiliation or even the extreme different ways in which our ancestors entered into the jurisdiction of the United States, we are against any form of immigration that violates international custom and immigration laws of the United States of America.


Also, according to various surveys, at least 96% of Americans (* politically left, center and right) are against illegal immigration with 70% support of us in favor of SB 1070 type legislation.


The Base For Unity

For once, we are united in a common cause.  Eventually, we will discover that there are many other matters that we also have agreements is, such as various conservative values.


It is my belief that though the foreign and domestic enemies do also recognize the potency of this unexpected combination as a fatal danger to their civilian invasion, they remain hopeful that the two entities don’t act upon it, because they lack an effective counter offensive.  It will be “match point” – “check mate” etc.


Therefore, it is their mission to do as much irreparable damage to the nation as possible before they are caught and brought to justice by us Patriots.


Blacks Presently Intimidated

The vast majority of Blacks who happen to be primarily Democratic in their political persuasion, though tjeu are vehemently against illegal immigration, and strongly support immediate deportation, these same Black folks are too intimidated to take public stances for various reasons:


  • One, being, we are literally surrounded by White, Hispanic/Latino supporters of illegal immigration etc., especially in Los Angeles “sanctuary city”
  • Two, The African American so-called Civil Rights leadership has abandoned us in deference for the plight of illegal aliens, most of whom are White,Hispanic/Latinos
  • Three, There is not yet a strong, visible American Black Patriot who can provide them with the confidence to STAND UP for themselves, as well as the only country and peoples that we know.


Ironically, 93% of Blacks still cling to Obama for hope, but not yet knowing that their African American “Black” President is an active lobbyist for illegal immigration.  However, perhaps, they do know, but have nowhere to turn should they no longer embrace of the “audacity of hope”.


It is my theory that upon discovering the ugly truth about their so called "brother in the White House”, the chttel slave descendants will  immediately forsake him if provided with another leader and a nationally based organization representing their gravest concerns to whom they can turn for a new-found hope and vision.


Therefore, if we can tone our rhetoric in their direction on this matter of illegal immigration, we win for sure, but not just on this front, but on others as well between White and Black in this country, which the HEALing this "nation of immigrants" so desperately needs.


The Plan

Consciously unify the Patriot anti-illegal immigration forces of the Tea Party movement, conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, liberals, and independent political affiliates with that of Blacks, US Emancipated chattel Slaves, i.e. African Americans, Afro-Americans, Negroes, Colored People, etc, into a force that is committed to the salvage of the United States as a free Republic.


The Strategy

  1. Identify and develop a body-politic of Patriot "Blacks" to lead the messaging.
  3. Produce a News Rally with the theme of American Black-Tea Illegal Immigration Connection
  4. SPECIAL NOTE:  Come to Los Angeles to expose White, Hispanic/Latino- Jim Crow –like COVER-UP of racism towards Blacks and “sanctuary city” for the invasion.
  6. Create a Manifesto with certain simple talking points to be issued to all Tea Party and Patriot groups to espouse by whatever means at their hand (radio, television, and internet talk shows, internet blog sites as well as specifically targeting all "Black" media outlets), with this uniquely unifying message.
  8. Identify various and certain individual crisis among "Blacks" particularly in Los Angeles, the Ground 0 of the invasion-occupation, and send Black emissaries to help them on behalf of Tea Party, etc coalition.
  • For each successful venture that we undertake becomes a word of mouth message about the Americanism of the Patriots who are predominantly “White citizens”

Ø      Such an effort is great public relations

Ø      It demonstrates that while the socialist and democrat controlled NAACP et al, spends time accusing Whites of racism, “White citizens” are doing the work that it should be doing…rescuing Black US citizens from their woes, etc. according to the National Republican agenda. 


The descendants of chattel slaves and Jim Crow survivors will love this irony.


The Three Main Civilian Invasion Points Into The United States

Tri-Point Civilian Invasion

In conclusion, this unexpected step and “reach-out” leads to the healing of our nation from its chattel slave-race "wound", which is source of United States weakness by which the Tri- point civilian invasion occurs. 


Those points of entry are the Obama “thing” in the White House, Muslim Jihad (physical and psychological * Ground 0 Mosque) evangelism, and White, Hispanic/Latino illegal immigration.


Time to unite and strike back!


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