The Six Day, Lightening War

The Third Arab-Israeli Fight

Jerusalem Retaken By Jews

The an Naksah, "the Set Back" by Arab/Muslims

 June 5,1967 – June 10,1967  The 44th Anniversary


For Arab-Muslims taking Jerusalem, and of holding jurisdiction of the Temple Mount Zion based on the borders of the 1967 Pre-Six Day or Lightening War equates the end of Jews and Judaism and the salvation of Islam


Whereas, Al Nagbah for the Arab-Muslim worlds means "the Catastrophe" which ignited with the re-birth or return of Israel on May 15,1948, an Naksah, meaning "the Set Back" which was the retaking of Jerusalem by Jews-Israelis on June 7,1967.  Both historical and shocking incidents are a double blow to the Arab-Muslim Islamic polity in that it contradicts and disproved the assertions of the Koran and the intents of it's prophet.  Such is highly destructive, spelling the imminent doom of Islam.


In this 44th Anniversary of the recapturing of land Promised by GOD to the Seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob after thousands of years in the jurisdiction of various invader occupiers, including, ancient Greeks and Romans, particularly that of Arab/Muslims of Islam.


The central and prize element within the heart of the Promised Land, Jerusalem hosting The LORD’s Holy Hill of Zion upon which HIS Temple rests whereby all nations come to learn and know the Word of GOD.


Until June 6,1967, since 700 AD, Jerusalem and the Holy Mount of Zion had primarily been under the suppression of Arab Muslims of Islam.


Though all of Jerusalem is now the capitol of the Eretz Israel, the Promised Land, under the jurisdiction of the Israeli government, the Temple Mount of Zion’s ancient ruins (70 AD by Rome) remains the stewardship of Islam via the Waqf (also spelled Wakf and Wakf-alal-aulad which is an inalienable religious endowment in Islamic law, typically denoting a building or plot of land for Muslim religious or charitable purposes.)


The buildings that the Waqf operates and oversees is known as the Al Asqa Mosque which certain Muslims built upon the Holy Place where the GOD of Israel made HIS earthly resting point, or “Ground 0” whereby HE communicated with humanity via the Priesthood of Israel.


The Desire of The Arab/Muslim of Islam

In his writings, the Hebrew prophet, Obadiah prophesies that the House of the children of Esau, i.e., Arabs, assisted by their international confederacy, in the name of a religious belief, l in “the time of Jacobs’ Trouble”, will blatantly attempt the destruction of the returned to its' Holy Promised Land, the State of Israel with Jerusalem as its capitol, and Zion as the spiritual fountainhead for all humankind. "And all nations shall flow to it.  For out of Zion shall go abroad the law, and the Word of The LORD from Jerusalem." (Isaiah 2:2,3)


In his own self-destruction, the President of the United States has joined that confederacy in the cause of the Arab-Muslim, i.e., Esau, the brother of Jacob, to destroy the Promise that the GOD of Abraham granted to him concerning his Seed’s destiny.


This particular US President has broken with all other previous by blatantly siding with the cause of the Arab-Muslim, thereby demonstrating that more than the GOD of Israel and HIS Word of Promise to Abraham, he rather honors/respects the rapidly “changing” demographics of the region, claiming that numbers based democracy demands that negotiations for peace should be according to the pre-Six Day War borders and the so-called Right of Return of Arab-Muslim refugees of May 15,1848 and their descendants. 


The Esau confederacy member President and his Muslim demand for a Palestinian State within the borders of occupied Israel, including Jerusalem, is disingenuous in that significant compromise by the Israeli governments to grant sufficient of its lands to the Arab invaders’ cause has been rejected.


Such blatant rejection of peace reveals that the Islamic mission is not the creation of another Arab geo-political entity, but rather the destruction of the returned, ancient Jewish State of Israel.


All Muslim scholars and as well as those that are Christian, Jewish and otherwise, know that the existence of the Jewish State with Israel as it eternal capitol equates the end of Islam and the claims of the Arabs, who are the descendants of Esau and Ishmael, sons of Abraham and Isaac.


At the heart of the rejection for a Palestinian State is Jerusalem.


 Arab-Muslims know that it is impossible according to the dictates of the Koran for them to settle with Jews simply for a geo-political existence, "self-determined" State without Jerusalem being its capitol under Islamic control.  Such a compromise of the Koran, that is, the words of the prophet, would damn this generation of Muslims of eternal hell and torment. 


The existence of the prosperous, "conquering the land" Jewish State with Jerusalem as its eternal capitol destroys the idea of Islam and hence the hope of Esau regaining his lost promise.   Therefore, there can be no Jewish State in the Middle East, especially with Jerusalem as its capitol, home of the Holy Mount Zion where Abraham's GOD choose to have HIS earthly House built.  Please see


The Will of GOD

The existence of the only Jewish State on earth, Eretz Israel, is the very Will of GOD HIMSELF.


Even if Israeli Jews offer all of the land of Israel for such a Palestinian, Arab-Muslim-Islamic State, in exchange for peace, but retain only the geo-physical area of Jerusalem proper, it would not be enough to cause them to cease their intent to destroy Jacob and lay claims to his substance, instead of dwelling with Jews in peaceful co-existence.


More importantly that the will of Jews in Eretz Israel or anywhere else is the Will of GOD.


The LORD GOD Who promised Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob-Israel the land and inheritance to be the Head of all nations (thereby ruling the world with a rod of iron down from Zion, Jerusalem) will not allow it, because ultimately HE has promised such to HIMSELF.   GOD can not lie, especially to HIMSELF, which is why HE proclaims for all time HIS steadfastness for Jerusalem as capitol of the ancient, returned Jewish State.  See “Jerusalem, If I Forget You”


Understandable Concern: More Than Land or Nationhood

Given what is at risk for the two quarrelling peoples and religious-spiritual beliefs, the high level of passion to death displayed by both is understandable.


In light of the significance of Jerusalem in the scheme of the overall conflict between the two peoples, it is no wonder that the Arab-Muslim cause to own it and Jews won’t allow them to, because to both, the ancient Holy City of Peace determines which has right and ownership to the Abraham Promise via his son Isaac, not withstanding and including whose deity and holy writ is real.


Everything in this life is at stake.  Not merely land and nationhood, but Faith in the Eternal itself.


For Muslim Arabs, it is totally against the dictates of Islam for there to be a Jewish State, particularly in the region where it originated as is evident by the cry of Al Naghbah on May 15,1948.  See “The Great Al Naghbah” at this direct link


However, even more terrifying to the Arab-Muslim cause is the retaking of Jerusalem by the Israeli Defense Forces during the Lighting or Six Day War on June 6,1967, because such an accomplishment flies in the face of the Koran, its’ prophet, and even the very existence of the religious polity’s deity.


Therefore, it is with great impunity that Arab-Muslim regain their illicit control of Jerusalem and by any means necessary keep the Temple Mount area upon which two Islamic shrines are built out of the governmental jurisdiction of the ancient, returned Jewish State.


Mount Zion recapture by Jews, would be the final blow to the dying Islamic polity, thereby leaving Esau’s children with a burned and destroyed house, making them spiritually homeless.  


The evil lunatic spirit that drives the Muslims Jihad movement knows that if his agents can achieve the impossible of taking back Jerusalem, as well as maintain possession of Zion the very heart and/or “Ground 0” of Judaism, the Judaic threat to Islam is terminated as well as the Jews.


Also, the lunacy of that spirit recognizes that failure means that claims of Islam would be rendered illegitimate, in fact outright, blasphemous, murdering lies.


The center issue of the Arab-Israeli conflict is not land per se’ but rather spiritual protocol around the ownership of Jerusalem and the Mount of Zion!  Essentially, whoever has control of Zion...their particular God reigns!


To better grasp this assertion, please visit “The Vision of Obadiah” at this direct link

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