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The Arab-Israeli Conflict and Arab-Muslim vs Arab-Muslim Intifada

As Told To Me From The Book of Obadiah By A Certain Wise Elderly Man


Intifada, Arab term for "uprising" or rebellion, is usually associated with Arabs-Muslims vs. Israel-Jews, as in the First and Second Palestinian Intifada."  To worlds' surprise, this "Third" intifada increasing throughout the Middle East is not against Israel, but rather the various oppressive Arab governments, and even the ideals of Neo-Fascist Islamic terrorist entities as well. 


This particular Arab intifada is crying for Freedom - Democracy, there neighbor Israel has as well as that of the United States of America.  


There is a great possibility, GOD Willing, that soon at least 95% of the Arab and Muslims of the world are going to forsake the House of Esau, even Islam, and flee into that Jacob, in the time of “Jacobs Trouble”, where they will be warmly welcomed as brothers by Jews.


Apparently, as part of putting an end to militant Islam, GOD puts it into the hearts of Jews and Muslims that the children of Esau-Ishmael also is now inheritors of  the Promise of Abraham with those of Jacob-Israel.  Jacob and Esau - Jews and Arabs shall once again embrace and be healed of their thousands of years “old” wound in this age of the consummation of written history.


Greetings Folks,

Just some thoughts that I have kept private for many years about what could be going on in the Middle East around the existence of Eretz Israel, the only Jewish State in the world.  After observing the recent events in the Middle East, there is now the sense in me to release what I have previously known and think will occur there in the future.  Read the Book of Obadiah!

The Book of Obadiah, a set of twenty-one verses of Hebrew Scriptures, is located in the Torah/Tanach (Old Testament) between the Books of Amos and Jonah.  It is said of the prophet, Obadiah by the Rabbis, that due to his obedience to the LORD Adonai, Elohiem, Hashem, during one of the darkest times of ancient Israel, he was therefore awarded to see the very short (21 verses) but revealing vision prophecy.

For an increased understanding of today's Middle East crises, including the so-called Arab-Israeli Conflict now surrounding Gaza and the Judea and Samaria (West Bank of Jordan River), Al Queda, the perhaps prophesied Arab-Arab intifada, please peruse and then study it.

Read several different version from different Hebrew/Christian Bibles, and see what you come up with as to what it all means. The Book actually appears to speak about the present so-called Arab/Israeli Conflict that is embroiling the whole world.

Despite an incredibly, overwhelming odds of a "confederacy" of violence marshaled against it, Obadiah describes a nonetheless, victorious, Zionist, Eretz Israel.

In fact, the prophets sees that the House of Esau-Edom (* Arab) is destroyed forever, while the House of Jacob-Israel (Jews) whom he sought with his confederacy to destroy, lives and flourishes, even Zion itself. Zion prevails!

Please see "The Vision of Obadiah" which is what I have come to believe, according to certain Hebrew Holy Scriptures in the Book of the Prophet Obadiah, to be a description of the present situation as well as the outcomes to the crisis that the world has with the ancient, "never-ending" Middle East conflicts.


Over two decades ago, some elderly gentlemen explained to me certain contents in this Hebrew Holy Book of occurrences in the Middle East surrounding the rebirth or return and growing presence of ancient Israel as a sovereign geo-political entity in its native land, something not seen there in around 3,000 years, nor was expected by most formal scholars of history.


The old men stated that these events foretold by the ancient prophet must and shall proceed the coming of the Messiah who is an Israeli (Hebrew, Israelite) Jew.


Sign of The Time

Noting my slight skepticism, they gave me the first hint to that which would identify the special period or dispensation in which these events in the Middle East would occur, saying that I should study the recorded time line of written history as it moved rapidly through 5,000,000 or so years, beginning in the ancient Mesopotamian Valley, in the Plains of Shinar.


They said that I should note that the travel technology of the first 5, 850 was a very long period in which humanity mode of rapid transit other than foot running was by horse and horse drawn chariot-buggy, wagon, stage-coach, and wooden boat-ship travel. 


For the second sign, they said to also note that communications during the same period of time was by the technologies of mouth-voice-tonal sounds, flag waving, hand signals and those made by puffs of smoke from small fires.


Then they said to note that suddenly, like an explosion of invention as if visited by some mysterious, almost magical, miraculous – intelligence, travel and communications technologies transformed humanity by dazzling quantum leaps into the present time “human bubble” population.


Such a sudden lurch or quantum leap and steady acceleration in these technologies in travel and communications has humanity in a dizzying state of global shock.


This quantum leaping in travel and communications began in what is commonly known as the industrial revolution essentially beginning in the early 1800's, particularly during and immediately following the US Civil War of the 1860-1865, then bounding in the areas of transportation on land – trains being first, followed by automobiles; to sea – from wooden sailing vessels to steam powered engines; even to air and now space exploration, all within a sudden and short spurt of around 100 years.


Compared to the 5,000 -6,000 years of static technology, this recent 100 is clearly a sudden and explosive leap for the humanity into the world that it now exist.


The elders said that the works, good and bad of ancestors have transitioned or been relayed down through the ages and generations into the Hebrew prophesied time when the worlds’ ethno-racial populations through the sudden expansion of technology would make it possible for all of humanity to become aware of themselves and their children who are now the ancients of the future.


The wise elderly men said that this accumulation of the past generations of all ethno-racial groups, families, nations, civilizations, kingdoms, religions into a culminating time period – “day”, is like water tributaries flowing down hills to collect in a massive reservoir.  Where are waters can be seen in and as a whole and now conjoined body of being, with similar stories of their ancestors time.


The elders said that our time dimension could be the very one in which the ancient prophet foretold of signs that would indicate it.


It was explained to me that in the coming years the signs would make greater sense when via the use of a special prophetic tool that would be the like “Rosetta Stone” of understanding the cryptic signs of that time.


This understanding of travel and communications technology is the tool is "the key", adhesive, and/or magnifying glass by which to identity the time prophesied to connect into the ancient vision that proceeds the coming of the Jewish Messiah.


Via super high technologies of electrical engineering, which is comparatively “magical” - miraculous to that of the ancient days of Obadiah, audio-visual communications allows the world to simultaneously see the signs of this time


Unprecedented communications has brought and continues to bring all the peoples of earth (on their respective continents, natural and geo-political boundaries) into an unprecedented union of conscious awareness and knowledge of the same signs thereby causing a oneness unseen in world civilization since the days of the first ancient unified Babylon under Nimrod the "First" King, who happened to be Hamitic-Black.


Listed are some things – signs that the elder told me to watch for:

-         Communications: fires; winds blowing and waves roaring (sea and land storms – hurricanes/tornadoes/tsunami); pestilence and “new” diseases; earthquakes; famine; international political discord; wars-rumors of wars; imminent and constant fear and terror; explosion of religious or spiritual beliefs; confusion or reversal of morals – good being bad and bad being good; ; youth rebellion against parents and disrespect for government-authority; living to party; living to party; deification of celebrities; heavenly, earthly, undersea signs or unexplainable oddities; Sinicism, sarcasms and global narcissism; religious-clerical soul stealing for financial gain; with the most poignant and significant manifestation of all, being the rebirth of the State of Israel in the very same geo-physical region of its ancient nativity, along with the ensuring ancient dispute between its paternal brother, Esau.


-          Non-communications: “pillars of smoke” appearing in the skies (jet travel contrails?); horseless machines that move by lighting-electric and fire (automobiles); knowledge and travel inordinately increased; setting “nests” among the stars (space exploration and International Station); explosion of religious or spiritual beliefs; confusion or reversal of morals – good being bad and bad being good; youth rebellion against parents and disrespect for government-authority;


From the Book or Prophecy of Obadiah, the old men taught me of the ancient Hebrew Holy Scriptures and marked several-seven significant clues to this time dimension concerning the so-called Arab-Israeli or Middle East Conflict.


Since the time in which the old men initially opened my eyes to this incredible and amazing potential reality, I have too have come to see that this time could indeed be that which was prophesied as the days or “great dreadful day” before the Messiah arrives.


There are several poignant points of the Vision Prophecy of Obadiah

  • Inordinate violence, and an attempt by Islam led by Arabs, including an assumed alliance or confederacy of nations, et al to rob, steal and plunder the substance of Israel;

  • Certain Arab alliances lead international confederacy to destroy the State of Israel;

  • All nations of the world turn against the Arab religion of Islam;

  • Arab-Arab, Muslim-Muslim Intefada - The downfall of Islam as a viable spiritual belief, as well as prideful Imans, government leaders and terrorist et al are overthrown;

  • The House of Esau “burns” to the ground meaning that the Arab religion and oppressive customs – Sharia law abandoned;

  • GOD Himself causes Zion to survive, revive and win the conflict;


This event is perhaps the redemption for the children of Esau and even Ishmael’s which also was prophesied in antiquity as another, albeit most significant sign of the consummation which experiences the arrival of the Jewish Messiah. 

My elderly teachers told me to note the destruction of the “wise men”-scholars and intellectuals, etc. perhaps Imans, Ayatoollahs, Mullahs, etc. out of the “Mountain of Esau”…the Arab religion known as Islam.

Notice that the destruction of Esau’s intellectual scholars-leaders (* who are willfully carrying on a religious deception over the poor and unsuspecting Arab peoples) is due to “…your violence against your brother, Jacob shame shall cover you. You shall be cut off forever.”

Whiled Israel has been in a perpetual state of calamity for over 3,000 years particurly the last 1800 years even since since 70 AD, Esau has foolishly approached the borders of Israel with the intent of taking his brother Jacobs’ “substance” (* the inheritance-the Promise of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel and the Land, even the Holy of Holies of Judea, the very Mount Zion itself, where the Temple is situated)

The elders said that I should notice the “confederacy” was deliberately stirring war against “her”- Israel.

He said, "Take a good look and see what you come up with. Ask GOD to reveal things to you. And should you receive them, then notice the peace that you will gain concerning the affairs of the Middle East. While others are bewildered, you will understand, knowing how to respond."

There are plenty of other related Scriptures in other Books of the Hebrew Bible concerning the Arab/Israeli Conflict. An addendum to Obadiah is the Prophet Isaiah’s Book, Chapter 63:1-6.

Please peruse this document at your leisure, it could resolve some questions!  Thank you for your time and consideration.  Please feel free to respond. 


Finally, thanks to the wise elderly man who took the time to share their insight with me. 


All the Best of GOD to you and yours,


Ted Hayes


Shalom in Jerusalem-Blessed Bethlehem

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