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Thank you kindly for visiting and demonstrating willingness to hear my views on various matters of the day, past, present and future affecting our country and those abroad.  Of course, the matter of the future depends on how we navigate and handle the two previous eras.    See The GEN

You will find that I address the matters of the day in fashion and insight that tends to be out of the norm from other activists, such as the Black Lives Matter movement.

  • Though I recognize that it is correct and well-meaning in its concerns,  the factional, Black Lives Matter movement is deliberately misguided and dangerous to national security, as well as to black lives ourselves, it is my intention to address them whereby they can finally be resolved. 

 There are three primary subject matters addressed in these pages, they are:

You will also notice, that my doctrine addresses international affairs, especially those of the Middle East via the affairs of the only Jewish State on earth, Eretz Israel, which is my ultimate purpose.  See Shining Star of David

In all aspects of the gift of life that GOD has granted to me, I am an activist as you will see in my Boys Scouts of America experience; the British, international bat and ball sport of Cricket; even inline skate, boogie-roll dancing in which I appear in several commercial video productions; and of coarse, my interest in track and field, as my youngest daughter is the Athens Greece, 2004, Olympic, 110 meter, Gold Medal winner.

Also, you will be very excited and encouraged by my understanding and promulgation of true, original, 1854-56, Radical Republicanism of the Union  of the United States of America. 

See "Last Best Hope Of Earth"

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However, should the contents herein resonate, please do join with me and my colleagues of We the People patriots striving to perfect our "wounded and house divided against itself" Union.

Speaking of patriotism, wait until you meet the incredible, Mr. Patriot.  You will like this character created in the mind of Ted Hayes.

So welcome!

Oh! One more thing.  As a way of helping to establish the proper balance in our republican form of government, visit with the Tutelary Presidency of the United States.

 It is strategy that establishes a long overdue, privately funded-government sanction entity I entitle, "We the People Institution of US Government Supervision."  You're going to like this, because it finally brings our great government into absolute control of its citizenry...finally.

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Agape-Shalom, Tekun-Olam!

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