The Titelar Presidency
(T-Prez) of the
United States Union Republic of America
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Finally, after 239 yrs in  the making
(July 4, 1776 - July 4, 2015)
"Now is the time" for the establishment of the...

 We the People,
of Supervision over government (I.s.o.g.)

"That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."

~ The Declaration of Independence ~

Ted Hayes

Proposed Interim T-Prez
"In considering the 2016 Presidential election, this time and from now on, as long as this exceptional, free, Republican         Union shall live,We the People "twin" must and will, vigilently own, master, supervise and control those whom we authorize by concent to govern us."   
 ~ Ted Hayes ~

"The government of We the Peoples' Republic is a "rowboat" system.  To move forward, the boat requires the cooperative action of two oarsmen rowing together insinct.  One oarsman rowing, takes the boat into insane circles. The faster and harder the single oarsman rows, insanity increases.

As long as We the People side of the twinship of this Union are not functioning as foundationally intended, this scenario of geo-political insanity of domicide will continue until our final end

Hence, the cause for...
the People, Are the Institution of Supervision oveR our GOVERNMENT "
~ Ted Hayes ~
Ted Hayes, The Propsed Volunter, Interim Leader, To Lead US To
The "New Birth of Freedom"
Requesting of We the People, the governed,
for their consent to lead in and speak for them in the Matters of...

The Titular Presidential Platform

Homelessness | Civil Rights Healing of the National Race Wound | Illegal Immigration Resolution

Coming soon! 
We The People, the Governed Consent Decree Vote of Confidence Petition

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