Nullifying The Race Weapon Part I

Out of the Illegal Immigration Invasion Discussion

By Maintaining the Civil Rights Black “Mantle” and America’s Black Shield


Hispanic/Latino –Mexican Is Not A Distinct “Brown” Race

But Rather An White-Caucasian Ethnicity


Now Is The Time To Expose And Challenge The Phoniness of The Hispanic/Latino Pseudo La Raza – Mexican “Brown” Minority-Minority For What It Is…


“Illegal alien immigration is an non-military invasion of the USA by “foreign foes” primarily of Hispanic/Latino nationality and ethnicity, especially Mexico aided by those that are “domestic”

Ted Hayes


The Second Mexican-American War

The non-military or “cold” (* as of yet) border war battle being waged in Arizona between the civilian citizens of the United Mexican States and those of the United States of America in conjunction with courageous legislators and law enforcement officials, i.e. Mexican-American War II, is increasingly becoming one of racial animus instead of rule of law and experience.


Ironically, the illegal alien immigration invasion-occupation of the United States by civilian citizens from Mexico who are officially encouraged and authorized by the government of the United Mexican States is evidently without warrant or justification, especially as it pertains to race, i.e., supposedly  the traditional White-Caucasian vs. “Brown” Hispanic/Latino, based on the Black experience in America.


Yet, the Hispanic/Latino – Mexican, La Raza race led and Azatlan myth inspired invasion of the United States is banking on the proverbial “American White guilt complex” as the ultimate emotionally charged race weapon, shields itself behind the Black “Mantle” Civil Rights Legacy of the Emancipated Slaves.


As the Constitutionality of SB1070 is more publicly debated, the more evident that the Arizona law is indeed not only according to federal mandates, but also Constitutional and morally-spiritually correctly in order!


Increasingly, such evidence is cornering the “foreign and domestic foes” of the invasion forces to utilize their “nuclear option” tactics with even more vehemence of emotionally charged race antics. 


Soon, it will be exposed that the only racism in this discussion about borders and law is emanating from the Hispanic/Latino – Mexican, pseudo “Brown” La Raza race forces of the illegal alien immigration invasion of the United States and not American US Citizens who struggle to simply defend our national, state and local sovereignty.


The Jig Is Up On The Invasion

Knowing that the presence of an unwanted documented population, except for those who seek to exploit their miseries in Mexico et al, by making them cheap labor slaves, is evidently the undermining of the United States;


Knowing that *illegal aliens that is, undocumented foreigners who have certain nation-destroying effects upon the cities and townships of America such as:

  • making it impossible for any government plan societal structures
  • burdening the housing, educational, healthcare systems;
  • undermining the physical infrastructure of the nation, such as, water, sewage, roads, energy, etc;
  • undermining the labor wages for US citizens;
  • increasing joblessness, homelessness and crime;
  • overwhelming the judicial and penal correctional system, etc….


 “illegal alien” – not a pejorative, but rather the official terminology for citizens of foreign nations within the United States without official permission from the proper federal authorities.


Knowing that there are no legal grounds whatsoever to justify the Mexican civilian citizen immigration invasion into the United States, the leadership of such can only resort to the following tactics in hopes to be victorious against the Patriot American citizens guarding our sovereignty, they argue:


  • That there are too many illegal aliens already here in the country who have laid economic, social, political and family roots to effectively and humanely deport, therefore America, in good conscious must make accommodations for them by granting amnesties and so-called *birth right and chain citizenships. See Anchor-Baby Bomb Explosion (+)
  • * birthright" anchor-ism, "anchor babies" i.e., presumed citizenship based on the perverted and
  •    illicit use of the 14th Amendment)

In other words, "Surrender.  You are beaten.  Yes, we came totally illegally, but to late now, because we are here.  Get used to it!"

Of all the audacious claims that American US Patriot citizens should accept the invasion of our country, are those of racism by White-Caucasian against the “Brown” La Raza race of Mexicans.

The proponents of invasion are seeking to cover their shame by the notorious illicit use of the Black “Mantle” Civil Rights Legacy of the Emancipated Slaves.

These are indications of a desperate movement that is doomed to ultimate failure.  


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