The American Anatomy

(Corpus Americana)

The Experimental governing process of the Founding Fathers to actualize their incredible Dream for the United States of America brought forth on this continent is in jeopardy.


Not only are our southern borders open the advancement of invasion by citizens of foreign country as well as legal immigrants who insist on injecting their cultures and morays upon our identity as nation, but domestic foes are busy attempting to “fundamentally” CHANGE the foundations of our existence.


Listed Below are topics that The HEAL America Campaign (HAC) will expound on that will help “We the People” to ascend into the mind set that secure our national and sacred mission as nation.


“We the People of the United States of America” must now correctly define ourselves and purpose of the country that our Founding Fathers bequeathed to us…their sacred Posterity.


The Experiences of “We the People”

  • The Immigrant
  • The Native – Non Immigrant
  • The Slave – Non Immigrant


The Element of Healing

  • Recognizing the truth
  • Admitting faults
  • Confessing
  • Seeking forgiveness
  • Forgive
  • Gestures of Trust and Peace


Experience, Not Race


The Diagnosis of the Source of America’s gravest wound

  • The chronology of the wound and subsequent sicknesses


The Obama Malady

The 2008 Presidential election was the most racist in the history of the United States.


Obama’s election to the White House is the omen that the "wound" of slavery is yet to be healed.


Remember, it is not the color, but rather the experience.


Each American experience is uniquely different from the other, having various reasons and ways by which they entered and are in the United States of America.


The United States was born with two inherited “family” maladies originated in the English Anglo-Saxon, British Isle of North West English Channel, East Atlantic Europe.


Transplanted primarily on the eastern board of the North American continent, resident in their “DNA” was a common hunger of the British immigrants yearning to breathe free from the old, stale “divine” monarchial rule of law of the past 5-6 thousand years of recorded history.  


They rebelled from the Antiquus Vir Ordo Seclorum (Old Order of the Ages) as opposed to the Founding Fathers Novus Ordo Seclorum (New Order of the Ages)


While the spirit of liberty was beginning to churn within the immigrants, a “skin cancer-like” disease was embedded on the very surface of the “DNA” of the former homeless peoples now who began to reside in North America, the home of the Natives or indigenous peoples there.


Over the long gestational years of the America “embryo”, the malignant disease masticated deep within the body politic of the ever growing brash British American colonies.


Therefore, with the 1776 birth as deeded in the Declaration of Independence documents, i.e. “We the Peoples’” Birth Certificate and emancipation from the British Monarchy, the United States was born with two malignant cancers, one being fatal.


It is the latter cancer that we must focus on first, because it is the greatest threat to America’s Soul Health Care


The Anglo-Spaniard or English – Spanish War for America

  • The Two of Them
  • The Two Christian and one Judaic Religions


Other than the 1776 War of Independence, the Civil War (Cold 1864 – 1860 and Hot 1860 thru 1865) was the most defining moment of America’s identity. 


It is the proverbial tide-water mark and speaks of the kind of Soul that this unique nation and its sacred mission has.


In the Hot Civil War, over 6,00,000 young American boys and older men shed each others blood in mortal combat as a consequence of opposing geo-political, economic and moral ideologies having to do with the inherited peculiar institution of slavery in America.


To get a better understanding of the meaning of America’s existence, read, study and memorize the Gettysburg Address by the late US President, Abraham Lincoln.


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