Healing America's Heart and Soul

Generational Healing

“The axe is laid to the root of the trees”

Behavior, words, attitudes and even thoughts of today has its origins-foundations-roots in those of yesterday and is the progenitor of tomorrows


A Symbol of

Collective-Generational-Solidarity of Responsibility



Of Past Generational Deeds, We Inherit Them - Bad or Good"

(Finally, The End of the Guilt Complex)

Nobody "today" - in this present generation is guilty of the transgressions of "yesterday" (the ancestors) generations - of the past, because we were not there.

However, though not physically present, we were there with them vicariously, but not physically.

As present generations individually and collectively gladly embraces the glories of ancestors past from whom is derived pride and benefits, simultaneously they naturally must accept the rulings of trans-generational laws as it relates to the past deeds of injustice as well.

The Symbolic Meaning of the GEN

* Engulfed and surrounded by the unfathomable depths of eternity is Time in the form of three (3) interlocking Time Dimensions of Past, Present and Future (* Ancestors, Descendants, Children)

* The large circle encasing the three (3) Time Dimensions represents the inner-facing boundary of eternity...Time is limited within eternity, having a beginning and end - Alpha and Omega

Eternity, which is the abode of GOD and eternity in GOD, and GOD is Eternal and is the Common Element of all Time Dimensions, has equal access to each, past, present and future

Therefore, Omni-Present GOD by HIS Eternal Existence is simultaneously and intimately involved the affairs of all peoples in each Time Dimension

GOD Is presently in the Past, witnessing-recording into HIS Books of Life, deeds of justice and injustice committed by our ancestors and fore parents

GOD Is simultaneously in the Present, recording our responses as they relate to the consequences of ancestors deeds being committed in HIS sight right now. 

* The Past is yet alive and active because the Living Creator GOD Is present with our ancestors.

GOD IS Presently in the Future with our children who have inherited our responses to that which we received of our parents in HIS immediate sight.

GOD created for all dimensions in the Universe, time, space and spiritual eternity, thereby placing the effects of our ancestors and fore parents, for better or worse upon us, their children dwelling in the dimension of the Present and Future, even for generations to come

As the Time Dimensions moves along its steady course, ironically, those of the Present generation descendants of the Past, are also ancient or fore parents ourselves for Future children as the cycle continues...and of course, the Future children will also eventually become ancient ones as well.

GOD Is the only element or entity that is constant in the trans-movement of the Time Dimensions

GOD sees the deeds of our ancestors presently and is by Laws of the Creation enforcing the consequences of either obedience or rebellion upon the heads, bosoms, souls, hearts, hands, at the feet or "door-step" of us of the ancients and our descendants

However, though we can't change the Past, we can prevent its' consequences from being inherited by our children residing in the Future

We the people of the Present serve a solemnly privileged responsibility and duty to "shield" the Future from woes generated by misconduct of past generations, and/or "conduits" of blessings of the same.

Essentially, we are a Time Dimension "Bridge" between the Past and Future.  Of the three (3) Time Dimensions, the Present is the fulcrum of the other two, Past and Future

Even though GOD already knows the destiny of all generations based on the deeds of ancestors, it is yet up to us in the Present to partnership with HIM thereby judging or chooses what is sanctioned to come from the Past across the Bridge into the Future

Should we reject our GOD-given role as the Time Dimension "Bridge Keepers" we are then deemed guilty with them of any misdeeds which ancestors and fore-parents committed in their present.

In fact, we will be far more guilty than our ancestors because we had the hind-sight to have fore-sight to remedy the maladies of the Past. Instead, we rather chose not to embrace our inherited responsibility, thereby unleashing a torrent of iniquities upon the unsuspecting children of the Future.

Our Bad.....

* One day when they arise to knowledge what has been the root cause of their confusion and suffering, our children - descendants will condemn us for not protecting them when it was in our power to do so.

GOD On Earth says, "To whom much is given, much is required"

Apparently, during the "great day in the morning" light of eternal Judgment when the Judge of all the Earth-GOD takes account of  individual, collective, and generational deeds, one generation will rise up in the HIS Court to witness against another based on what knowledge they had in their possession

Herein, lies the mystery the human existence in the Present, to serve as the protectors of the Future generations

However, in generational solidarity, we are responsible to protect the future by embracing our responsibility for the ancestors

To conclude:  We of "Today" Are NOT GUILTY of the sinful deeds of our Ancestors and/or Fore Parents of "Yesterday", because we did not commit them.  We were not there with our ancestors therefore, we not culpable...they are.

 We rather are responsible to alter the consequences of our ancestors actions in order to prevent them from passing on to our children of "Tomorrow" - the Future

Therefore, "Annuit Ceoptus" (He has favored our undertaking)

GOD Helps US


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