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A Realistic, Inspiratinal, Visionary Leader
With Nuance Plan & Strategy For
National Salvation of USA

* From an unexpected source,
the Homeless

Can anything "good" from the bottom?
Hey US citizen, We the Peolple of the United States of America...are you finally done with cowardly leadership that is allowing our New Nation to run off a cliff far worse than that which is fiscal or economic? 

Are you fed with the corrupt, money driven, anti-people, party politics, electoral process?  Want to CHANGE It?

Have you had it with the bogus and insane 2-4-6- year political election cycles? 

Tired of the party politicos de-humanizing us into mere numbers for political balloting?

Were you aware that the vast majority of of us eligible US citizens don't vote?  You ever wonder why?  Perhaps, you are one of those non-voters!

Are you fed up with the politics of pigmitation, gender, sex, minority, class, religion, ethnicity and culture, etc? 

Would you like to experience the closure of the demoralizing, generational issue that has kept this great country - this incredible "house" divided from its conception, through birth and Civil War to the present?

If an aspiring Patriot had an empowering plan accompanied by clever strategies that alter or abolish the present government, whereby All Americans will be empowered by the Spirit of GOD to transcends themselves above skin color (racial characteristics), race, ethnicity, class and religion...
would you support it and and join such a leader

Would you at least hear what is presented, even as voters listen to candidates for political office.

If there was a movement that will and leader who can bring government officicials under the rightful rule-auspices of We the People who kindly grants them consent to govern, for the sake of national salvation, would you as our founding fathers pledge your life, honor and fortune to such a cause?

Look, already the money driven, slave creating, homeless making, politicos are launching campaigns for the 2016 presidential elections.

Cnce again they are taking for granted that the majority of the American peoples are willng to put up with another round of their dangerously expensive, childish, insanity, ceded to them by another unwitting minority of the national populace.

Well, not this time they won't
, because you, I and GOD have had it with that modernized, barbaric animal-like, political conduct. We will now put an end to it and devise a process of choosing our government representatives that is condusive to the needs of We the People and their posteriy.

By your
"vote of confidence" of steady participation, you will be led in the creation an "American Streets in the Spring" scenario of renewing the Original American Dream, its Universal Creed, through which the United States can providentially into "a new birth of freedom"  as finallly, a Healed, sane, "one nation under GOD" society. 
See Lincoln Admonition and Warning
[coming, definition of American Dream]

Therefore being empowered under the authority of GOD's Kingdom, We the Peole will take hold of and wave the Standard raised by HIS Holy Spirit against the "foreign enemy" tides that are flooding into our beloved land, to drive "him" out, fully and completely.  GOD willing, that is!

The aftermath of such a movement would at last, set the United States on the right course  to "a new birth of freedom" making America, like Israel, whom Jesus describes as a lighted city set on a hill by which all nations may emulate.

If these sentiments resonates with you at all... 

                                "Then Follow me now"

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