"Gasp! OMG, We actually pulled it off"
"I told ya Americans are stupid"

The United States of America, Exceptional, Judaic-Christian,

“one nation under GOD” country by Divine Providence, Proclaiming HIM

as the Central Figure of the Declaration of Independence, our First Legal Document



The “Obama thing” Concocts Second Term In White House





Really!  That Is The Question.  WHY?


Did GOD Not Hear Our multitude of Prayers Against Obama To Stop Him?

If HE didn't hear them, Why Not?


However, if HE did hear them (* HE hears everything anyway) and actually considered them...the question then is, why wasn’t our fervent prayer request to remove the godless, Muslim – pretending Christian, cleverest Marxist protégé of all time from the US Presidency granted? Why, Oh Why?


Among other strange occurrences in his charmed favor,  it seems that Natures’ GOD sent providence in the form of  Sandy the super storm to help give socialist, Obama the huge, surprising and shocking, victory against the "godly, Judaic-Christian, conservative, hard-working, free market capitalist enterprise, American Patriots. 


But Why?...we must ask ourselves and our Heavenly Father...WHY?


Led by conservative, Christian ministers (including Roman Catholic Bishops, so called African-American Reverends, Mormons, et al) millions of Patriots throughout America were petitioning the Judge of the all earth to enact Providence not for, but blatantly against Barach Hussein Obama, and his cohorts to save the United States from the dreaded socialist agenda.


Remember The Prayer Warfare Against Obama?

One of the main scriptural justifications, even overriding the I Timothy 2:1-3, admonishing Believers in Lord Jesus to pray for the good of government leaders such as "kings, rulers"  - US Presidents, is Psalms “Let his days be few; let another take his office” [Psalms 109:8]  Note: Within the content of this Psalms among other bad wishes for evil leaders is the destruction of their families and descendants by the Hand of GOD.


Why didn't GOD The Just One, Who respects no persons, answer our righteous prayers as well as honor the many fasts and vigils against the "Obama thing" in the White House, for the sake of the nation, but rather has once again delivered America into the hands our "wicked", anti-GOD, domestic and foreign enemies.


Looks Like We Lost The Spiritual Warfare Against Obama Big-Time

What happened to “Blessed is the nation whose GOD is The LORD” [Psalms 33:12] combined with “If MY people which are called by MY Name will…..”?


Did we fail somewhere in HIS demands listed in II Chronicles 7:14 such as humility, pray (intercessory negotiations), seek Face of GOD, turn from wickedness? Is there some mysterious thing about American that our Republican, Tea Party, conservative based leaders have caused us to miss?


Please note: "O MY people, they which lead you cause you to err (in faith and belief), and destroy the way of your path." [Isaiah 3:12] and "For the leaders of this people; and they that are led of them are destroyed." [Isaiah 9:16]


According To The Holy Bible, Our Leaders Are Responible, Accountable, and Culpable

Thanks to our leaders, not only has the nation faltered in these sacred demands, we don’t even know what they mean.


Obviously, our leaders did indeed neglect some extremely important knowledge as evidenced by the fruit of what is being experienced in personal as well as national economic, fiscal crisis, and other calamities we Americans are sufferings, including the super storms.


Note: "MY people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge;" [Hosea 4:6] and "Where there is no vision (of GOD's will), the people perish." [Proverbs 29:18]


Here is what may be a significant part of the "NO" to and REPUDIATION of anti-Obama prayer demands or requests that we have so clearly received from our Heavenly Father.


In Prayer Against Obama, It Looks Like We Were Asking GOD For The Wrong "Thing"

While the Holy Bible encourages us to ask our Heavenly Father for "things", we are warned that all requests will not be honored despite the fervency of the prayers etc. saying in James 4:3 "You ask, and recieve not, because you ask amiss, that you may consume it upon your lusts." 


More on this particular issue to come in the SHOCKED Series.




As we move "FORWARD" towards our apparent national destruction, you will receive from me those propositions which hopefully will move our Heavenly Father to grant us providential mercy and grace that is Annuit Coeptis – "HE Has Favored Our Undertaking” status whereby GOD will personally act in providence for HIS Great Names Sakes


To help this cause that I espouse,  if this message is resonating with you (Amen - so be it), then please alert your immediate local leaders and your associates to pay close attention to what is being proposed here and perhaps act upon them while there is yet a window of immense, positive opportunity.


This could be our beloved nations' "final or finest hour".  It is up to certain of us to decide this fate.


Thanks for your time and consideration. 


Do order your copy of "The Other Side of The Pyramid" book and also read my writings at Home at www.TedHaye.US and especially "GOD In The Declaration of Independence"



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