The Plight of GOD Part II

HIS Name Vindicated

In The Controversy of the US Chattel Slavery Institutioon

and Its’ Generational Aftermath


How Does Abusing the Name of GOD Relate To Today’s Nation-Threatening Crisis?

Such as the generations enslaving fiscal debt and crashing ecomony


The aforementioned sins are symptoms of rudimentary causes foretold in the Bible that occurs to nations in rebellions against their Creator.


Such is especially poignant of the United States which espouse HIS Name throughout the land by way of the Declaration of Independence, our First Legal Document, whereby HE is the Central Figure; to placing it on public building, documents, currency, and in oath of government office, etc, and even HIS Ten Commandments and certain other Bible Scriptures adorn public buildings and parks, etc.

Therefore, when said nations, including the US, are involved with matters that are harmful to others, The Creator Himself is also implicated as a “silent” partner in them, thereby tarnishing the Name of the LORD.

  • Since the inception of America in Europe and on the Mayflower, and its conception at Plymouth Rock and James Town, through its gestating, embryonic colonial years until the 1776 birth unto today, We the People have consistently called upon the LORD of The LORD and proclaimed HIS blessings upon America, yet we see but greater omens of America’s tragic end…even by the mouths of evangelical, conservative, born-again, Christian ministers, et al.

  • The practice of calling on GOD is well within the purview of being American, because HE is the Central Figure in the Declaration of Independence, the First Legal Document of the United States.

  • It stands to reason that our considerations and deliberations of public policy would begin, become engulf and end with GOD and HIS will based on the Universal Supreme Law commonly known as the Golden Rule (*  ) taught to us by He that is to be Ruler in Israel, which is to love The LORD and our neighbors as ourselves, individually, collectively and generational as a nation.    

The Fundamental Offense: Chattel Slavery

At the time of the July 4,1776 birth of this country, We the People as new nation to be perfected, were in chattel possession of fellow human beings while proclaiming in the declared proposition that “all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness”. This was/is the height of a super hypocrisy!

The controversy between the GOD and America is the matter of HIS Name being attached to the hypocrisy of demanding freedom from figurative slavery under the British, Judaic-Christian Empire to the point of whole-sale bloodshed- Revolutionary War (killing thousands of British and American boys and men) while literally holding fellow human beings as animated-living, human property.

Far too many of the founding fathers decided that they would rather brave the glaring hypocrisy than the loose the money profit of chattel slave ownership.  In their inordinate love of money, the first generations of Americans, foolishly equated “…pursuit of happiness”, i.e., tangible property with the proprietorship of other human beings as GOD ordained business.

“The rectitude of our intentions”

After castigating the bearer of the English Crown for his injustice against the American peoples and being confident that their actions of rebellious, violent, un-Christian behavior against fellow Christians is justified, the founding fathers invoked the Judge of all the earth, saying in the first US Legislation, “…appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions…”. 

The rectitude – morality, justice, righteousness, goodness, correctness, decency, integrity of their intentions was to depose the Antiquus Ordu Seclurium “Old Order of the Ages”, replacing it with a Ordu Norvu Seclorium – New Order of the Ages claiming that HE thereby is granting this new, exceptional nation Annuit Coeptis – “He has favored our undertaking”.  See New Order of the Ages at

Essentially, this narrative insinuates that GOD is on the side of America in its lofty quest of unprecedented liberty and freedom among nations in world history, because we are on HIS side.

However, concerning as to GOD being on sides, Abraham Lincoln correctly stated “…my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God's side, for God is always right”, therefore to assume that GOD has favored our national behavior is precisely what the American crisis is about.


Also, correctly, conservative, Patriot leaders declare that the rights prescribed in the First Legislation of this nation are not from government, not even the United States itself, but rather from GOD Himself, “being endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these….”


Yet, the first generations of We the People were in the Name of The LORD warring for that which HE endowed upon them, while hypocritically denying those same Divine rights to others, even by government laws.


Essentially, the founding fathers were saying that they were/are Divinely favored - Annuit Coeptis, blessed therefore exceptionally justified to revolt and war against the Judaic-Christian, English Crown that denied them their GOD-given rights for which they established the Ordu Norvu Seclorium.


However, the hypocrisy is that one group of Judaic-Christian Americans were entering the bounties of Ordu Norvu Seclorium while holding others in perpetual chattel slavery of monarchial Antiquus Ordu Seclurium.


Such contradictory philosophy, policy and practice, horrifically undermines “the rectitude of our intentions” which leaves GOD no choice but to act in defense of HIS Name sakes even, and especially against those nations that espouse it, such as the United States.


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