"The love of money is the root of all evil"

"It's the economy, stupid"

Salvaging The United States of America

The Economy-Money

(How it's made and managed)



(Moral justice)


The Love of Money which is the root of all evil


The Love of GOD which is the fruit of all goodness

("Overcome evil with good.")


America’s prevailing political theme of responsible economic policies is dooming the geo-political entity, the United States of America to be a 236 year old failed experiment of attempting to practice democracy within a republic.


As the salvation factor of our Judaic-Christian “one nation under GOD”, the present inordinate love/obsession with the economy sets us contrary to the warning of Jesus Christ, the only Monarch to Whom we bow, to resist choosing mammon, the money deity instead of loving HIM and fellow human beings. (Mathew 6:24)


Love of Money Is The Root Of All Evil: The Idolatry of Mammon

Holy Scripture of the Hebrew of I Timothy 6:10 warns that “The love of money-economy, mammon) is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” 


Could this obsession with economy be the fundamental cause of the myriad of complex, nation-wide sorrows is evidence that we have erred from “the faith”.


In GOD or Money We Trust?

 If the ancient, free State of Israel is chastened of the Hebrew GOD for their distrust of HIM to rather trust in money matters, what makes us think that we can escape the un-repented consequences of our covetousness – idolatry?


Indeed, is it “the economy stupid”, or “moral justice, wise one”?

Scriptures teaches that coveting money “…is idolatry.” Listen: Shama America!  Adonai Elohenu, Adonai Acha” (“Here America, The LORD our GOD Is One LORD, You shall have no other gods before ME.”)


In describing America's exceptional existence, often, the Bibles' Psalms 33:12 is quoted, “Blessed is the nation whose GOD Is The LORD”.  As Israel of the Bible, We the People of the United States of American have also have confessed with our hearts and mouths that as Judaic-Christian "one nation under GOD" willful subjection to HIM as our Ruler. 


However, herein lays the controversy, because Jesus admonishes that by our words we are justified or condemned, and be it done to us by our faith.


Apparently, proffession and fruit of our faith demonstrates we actually have more trust in the material upon which “In GOD We Trust” is inscribed instread of in GOD Himself.  Perhaps the national motto should be "God, In Money We Trust".  Isn't a more fitting discription of our nation at this time?!?  Especially in light of what it is costing to seek the Presidency and other elective offices and whole discussion around money, who has it, who doen't, how to get more, how to keep it, how to spend it, etc


American Chattel Slavery and Its’ Aftermath

Three hundred and ninety-two years of chattel slavery and its’ generational aftermath under the jurisdiction of England and latter United States, reveals it as America’s most chronic, central-heart issue threatening our existence.


This issue is so interwoven into the fundamental fabric of Americana, that its’ outcome will determine that of the whole American Dream experiment.


According to the Bible, calamities such as fiscal and economic woes of which we presently experience, befall peoples who have rebelled against GOD See http://tedhayes.us/doi_articles/norvu_ordu_seclurum.htm


Yet, our Judeo-Christian political leaders supported by the blessing of the materialistic and terrestial clergy, are literally seducing unsuspecting sheep-like Americans to the "sacrificial slaughter" at the alter of mammon, the economy, which is officiated by the its’ high priest, the Economist In Chief, the Hon. US President.


Money-Mammon: We Even Sing About It

“Money, money, money, its’ a rich man’s world”  “We’re in the money.”  “Money, that’s what I want.”  “Got my mind on my money and my money on my mind”, etc


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