14th Amendment-Birthright Citizenship Standing


Illegal Aliens or American Black US Citizens?

(as proposed and drafted by Ted Hayes April 4,2011 - revised 09/07/2015)


STANDING: Definition


The objective evalution of who has standing in US Courts, or otherwise, including public opinion, international, and most importatnly, the Heaven of GOD, in the nation-defining, life and death matter of 14th Amendment-Birthright Citizenship, will reveal that it is the descendants of chattel slaves, et al, and not illegal aliens.


In entering the US, the illegal has only two choices they being:

1.  illegally, thereby risking capture, arrest, jail and subsequent deportation


2. or, the Congressional provided way of Naturalization and Immigration Laws - the correct way


However, they or any other "minority" group as such, does not, nor ever shal have legal or moral access into US citizenship via the 14th Amendment.


Thanks GOD, that certian elected officials on the federal and state levels of government in the United States, whom are courageously stepping to the "crease" in advocacy for the proper and/or correct intentions of the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution.


From Arizona State Senator, the Hon. Russell K. Pearce, to Maryland Delegate, to Pennsylvania Representative, the Hon. Daryl Metcalfe, to now US Senators, the Hon.  David Vitter of Louisiana, Rand Paul of Kentucky, Mike Lee of Utah and Jerry Moran of Kansas, Steve King of Iowa, along with many other American patriot legislators, are leading the much needed fight in defense our beloved nation from the twisted usurpation of the 14th Amendment.


Our Constitutional14th Amendment-Birthright Citizenship is being perverted into a human biological weapon of mass destruction against American *black US citizens and the only nation that we know by the forces of a stealth, foreign civilian, non-military invasion, erroneously called, illegal immigration.


* "black" - Emancipated chattel slaves, Freemen, refugees and their descendant children 


According to the Mandates of the US Constitution, it will be fatal to this new Nation if we fail to end the twisting of the 14th Amendment by the foreign civilian invaders with aide and abetment our domestic enemies.


The stealth theft of the 14th Amendment-Birthright Citizehsn is commonly known as the “Anchor-babies”, “jackpot babies” movement, or so-called "birthright tourism" and/or presumed citizenship.  I have termed it, Anchorism.  See Anchor Bomb


According to the 1866 Civil Rights Act, ratified in 1868, legislated by the Republican led 39th Congress, Anchorism is simply a “custom”, not a law nor, even statute, ordinance, which in some cases has been unconstitutionally held up as legitimate law by the US Supreme Court.


Until now, this “custom” of Anchorism has been unassailable by patriot activists, i.e., attorneys, universities professors and legislators et al!


STANDING In Courts of Law

It is here theorized that despite their correct and brilliant arguments against the abusive misuse of the 14th Amendment, the primary cause of defeat to the patriot activists on this issue is their lack of proper Constitutional and moral STANDING.  


In social and civic disputes, etc, the US Courts of Law recognizes only the interest of Plaintiffs who has proper standing in the cases presented.  See Definition of Standing


As relating to who has STANDING to the inheritance of the Civil Rights legislation, it is imperative that Plaintiffs are recognized, acknowledged and responded to accordingly, being that they are the reason for and lead subject of this legal arguments.


In the matter of the 14th Amendment, though brilliant in their arguments in courts and government hearings, in due respect, the patriot s representing the correct version of the law have been Anglo-Euro descent, English speaking, White Caucasian, Us citizens.


Being of immigrant heritage themselves, the patriots stance against those who are illegally within the nation is adulterated.


Furthermore, the proponents of the civilian invasion have successfully, but illicitly placed themselves on the “high moral ground” by accusing patriots of racial profiling, and bigotry based on the perceived imagery of what the proverbial White man has done, is doing, evil or good to blacks, the original subjects and victimsof "white racism."


Evidently, such a strategy has for the most part worked in state legislatures, as well as Congress, and in the courts, even against valid legal arguments by the patriots attornies.


Until now, never has the 14th Amendment been represented by the subjects of the unprecedented law themselves, that is, the descendants of chattel slaves themselves, commonly known as African-Americans,  Negroes-blacks, colored people, i.e., biological mixture of white masters and black slave women.


Highlighting the plight of the descendants of chattel slave, US citizens puts the illegal aliens and their children in an unexplainable position that relegates their last stance defensive argument to one of pure, unjustifiable emotionalism.


 In order to defeat Anchorism which justification rests solely on emotion, several poignant aspects of the practice and/or custom must be understood.


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American Patriot Guardians of the Republic Are The True-Original Civil Rights Activist

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STANDING: Definition