The American Chattel  Slave Classes

In similar fashion, but not exactly as that of the Hebrew Israelites of Middle Eastern antiquity, West & Central African Blacks were enslaved and exiled into the foreign "New World" lands of America, not by a conquering empire such as ancient Egypt, Assyria and Babylon exacted upon Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, but rather by Black geo-political leaders and slave merchants, including Arab & Black Muslims of the region.

History reveals that 94 % of the West African Transatlantic Slave Trade were taken into Mexico, Central and South America; whereas only 6% the Black human cargo was shipped into the continental British colony of America, which became the United States where they received emancipation.

Based on the Constitution of the nation's founding Fathers as decreed in their Declaration of Independence from "Old World" tyranny and enslavement to monarchial, big-governmental control, primarily Anglo US citizens waged a very bloody Civil War that fulfilled the First of the two phased American Dream when they emancipated Black slaves from slavery which has it origins in West Africa.

However, the Second Phase of that foundational American agenda, which began in 1866, is yet to be completed as evidenced by the enormous generational maladies stemming from the slavery experience, and it's aftermath, which continues to plague America's Black Emancipated Slave Class.

It clearly states in the 14th Amendment and Civil Acts of 1866, of the Constitution, the document that embodies the doctrine of the Founding Fathers mandating that West African Blacks, especially those of the Emancipated Slaves Class are to be ensured US citizenship " is enjoyed by White citizens".

According to the Declaration of the Independence, which is the foundation of he US Constitution, the American Dream is not yet a reality until the Second Phase of the agenda is completed.  In other words, America dreams and strives for that which is yet to come.

The day comes in which (* the dream deeply rooted in that of America's as described by the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) the American ethno-racial class of the Black West African Emancipated Slave will too experience "equal justice under law" citizenship "as is enjoyed by White Citizens"

Since the days of 1866, despite all the heroic efforts championed by the US Congress of the federal government, Republicans and other Americans of genuine good will for the Emancipated ones desperately tried to fulfill that second half of the American Dream agenda to no avail.

In fact, though there is a "talented tenth" amongst us being comprised of: world class sport athletes and commentators; film-video, live stage drama-comedy and musical entertainment; print-radio-television- internet media and press; governmental appointed and elective politics; education; business execution and entrepreneurships; religious-Christian ministry and social activism, i.e. Dr. King, Jr., Rev. Jesse Jackson, Min. Malcolm X- Malek el hajj Shabazz, etc; the overall state of the Black Emancipated Slave Class has increasingly spiraled downward to the devastating, nation-killing level that we experience today.

Apparently, no matter what America does to rectify the perplexing situation that the children of the West African slaves have found ourselves in, nothing works for us...instead it appears that the more we all try to do right accordingly, the matter seems to grow increasingly worse, even with a so-called First African American "Black" US President.

Even though the American Dream has always been threatened by enemies such as the Ku Klux, Klan, Democratic US Presidents, and other anti-Emancipated Slaves Class forces, one would think that a people as oppressed and "righteous" as the West African Emancipated Slaves, would have by now experienced a just Constitutional adjudication of the matter by now, especially with a so-called First African American, Black US Attorney General.  Yet, we desperately an haplessly languish to certain death in America.

There seems to be a severe problem implementing the just adjudication for the Emancipated ones that is far beyond the reach of money, political or religious power and legislated governmental might, education, benefits and resources, notoriety, good will or anything else intended to rectify their inherited circumstances, because it has all been done.

Tellingly, since our enslavement in America, it is reality that West African Emancipated Slaves have mysteriously adhered to the GOD of the Biblical Hebrew-Israelites and their character champions, such as King David, and especially Jesus Christ.

Evidently, after much prayer due to the pain of our enslaved ancestors sufferings, the Hebrew GOD of the Bible heard their cry which had "gone up before HIM" and HE "came-down" with HIS Mighty "swift sword" and rendered vengeance upon a nation who allowed itself to buy into the West African Transatlantic Slave Trade, and thereby executed Justice on Earth by the emancipation of the slaves at the hand of US President, Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Party. 

Yet, the Second Phase of the American Dream remains woefully incomplete which has subsequently brought about the present gut-wrenching and perhaps nation destroying tribulations that the nation is confronted with.

Ironically, the "faith" of the Hebrew-Israelite peoples remains dominant in the culture of the Emancipated Slaves, yet, devastations are rabid amongst us throughout the United States.

Instead of leading the "flock" in the way of John the Baptist, the ancient Jew in the Spirit of Elijah, most ministers of the Word of GOD behave themselves like the false prophets, shepherd and teachers described in the Hebrew Holy Scriptures,  holding from them the empowerment to know GOD to Salvation.

In this light, it is my humble theory that as the Emancipated ones return  to and embrace the GOD of the Hebrews, including the Jesus of our enslaved ancestors in America, perhaps, HE Will have Grace and Mercy upon us according to the Abraham-Solomon Covenants (+) for the nations, and will Himself adjudicate that Justice of the Second phase of the American Dream.

 Therefore, on (my "holy grail"?) quest to cause salvation in my fellow Black Emancipated Slaves by engrafting them into the Common Wealth of Israel and the Household of the Saints,  I embrace the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob-Israel, David and Jesus of Bethlehem-Nazareth-Galilee according to HIS Covenants with the nations.

So in Eretz, Israel, I went to the Kotel, the Wailing or Western Wall of the ruined Temple of GOD on behalf of my peoples, the West African Emancipated Slaves and beyond.


Calamitous State of American Blacks (+)