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OBADIAH The Hebrew Prophet

What The Elder Revealed To Me...


Just some thoughts about what could be going on in the Middle East, subsequently the whole world, being that Eretz Israel is the center thereof.


The Book of Obadiah, a set of twenty-one verses of Hebrew Scriptures, is located in the Torah/Tanach (Old Testament) between the Books of Amos and Jonah.


For an increased understanding of today's Middle East crises, including the so-called Arab-Israeli Conflict now surrounding Gaza and the Judea and Sameria (West Bank of Jordan River), Al Queda, the prophesied Arab-Arab intifada, please peruse and then study it. 


Read several different version from different Hebrew/Christian Bibles, and see what you come up with as to what it all means.  The Book actually appears to speak about the present so-called Arab/Israeli Conflict that is embroiling the whole world.


Despite an incredibly, overwhelming odds of a "confederacy" of violence marshaled against it, Obadiah describes a nonetheless, victorious, Zionist, Eretz Israel. 


In fact, the prophets sees that the House of Esau-Edom (*Arabs) is destroyed forever, while the House of Jacob-Israel (Jews) whom he sought with his confederacy to destroy, lives and flourishes, even Zion itself.  Zion prevails!


My elderly teacher told me to note the destruction of the “wise men”-scholars and intellectuals, etc. perhaps Imans, Ayatoollahs, Mullahs, etc. out of the “Mountain of Esau”…the Arab religion known as Islam. 


Notice the destruction of Esau’s intellectual scholars-leaders (* who are willfully carrying on a religious deception over the poor and unsuspecting Arab peoples) is because of “…your violence against your brother, Jacob shame shall cover you.  You shall be cut off forever.”


Whiled Israel has been in a perpetual state of calamity for over 3,000 years particurly the last 1800 years even since since 70 AD, Esau has foolishly approached the borders of Israel with the intent of taking his brother Jacobs’  “substance” (* the inheritance-the Promise of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel and the Land, even the Holy of Holies of Judea, the very Mount Zion itself, where the Temple is situated)


The elder of said to me to notice the “confederacy” was deliberately stirring war against “her”- Israel.


He said, "Take a good look and see what you come up with.  Ask GOD to reveal things to you.  And should you receive them and then notice the peace that you will gain concerning the affairs of the Middle East. While others are bewildered, you will understand, knowing how to respond."


There are plenty of other related Scriptures in other Books of the Hebrew Bible concerning the Arab/Israeli Conflict. An addendum to Obadiah is the Prophet Isaiah’s Book, Chapter 63:1-6. 


The Arab-Arab Intifada

There appears to be a growing intifadah (uprising) between the Esau/Arab Muslim peoples themselves (* but not against Israel), one in which 95% of the Arab and Muslims of the world are going to forsake the House of Esau (* for obvious reasons) and flee into the House of Jacob, even in the time of “Jacobs Trouble”, which I have come to believe is now. 


It appears in the vision, that Jacob and Esau shall once again embrace and be healed of their thousands of years “old” wound in this age of the consummation of written history. 


Please pass this word on in blogs and other links, especially to Muslim or Islamic circles.  If you are a Muslim, heed the warning and flee to Israel’s House.


Thank you for your time and consideration.  Please feel free to respond.


GOD is Blessing us, let us bless others and be thankful!


All the Blessing of GOD to you and yours.


Shalom in Jerusalem-Blessed Bethlehem

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