The Nat'l Global Homeless Plan
The Plan To End The Ravages of Homelessness
Repairing The Bottom of the "Ship" See Doomed Ship

Closing The "Black" Hole In The Bottom of Society
The Original LA Occupier
For too long the Occupation Wall Street movement has been accused of not being focused on an idea or theme with a strategic plan to accomplish it.  This may or may not be true, given the nature of the movement.

However, please, as The Original LA Occupier, allow me to present something to you that may be of some assistance you and the Homeles, the ultimate victim of Wall Street greed and government corruption.

If what I propose resonates with you, please join our efforts at the bottom of society.

By first addressing ourselves to the billions at the bottom society, even "under our feet", GOD willing we will find global healing in this, our very special, unprecedented and sudden, human "bubble" dispenstation of world hstory.

Hopefully, you and I will stir the courage resident in all of us to gain more understanding and join this mandated epic effort to bring Justice, which is Healing to the peoples at the bottom of the world, beginning in the United States of America.

Below, are several steps by which you can proceed.

Until then, all the Best to you and the Blessing of GOD to you and yours.

Step I:
Study the National Homeless Plan -
www.TedHayes.US/domevillage or google "Dome Village".  Then visit A Plan To End Homeless and follow the links.

NOTE: You may want to also visit www.TedHayes.US and learn my socio-political issues and google "Ted Hayes" and that will give more depth in what I think is my role in this time dispensation of the sudden global Human Bubble.  You will find that I am probably the most controversial activist in Los Angeles and perhaps the world.  Nevertheless, if you are patience and research my work, you find that I am constistent in thought and action.

You may disagree or even agree with certain things that I espouse, but the idea is where can we all find the common group of understanding and working for good, especially those billions of peole throughout the earth far less fortunate than ourselves.

NOTE:  Also, when you persuse my sight, you will discover that I am also a interational activist-advocate for Cricket, the British Bat and Ball Game, which is the second largest fan-based sport in the world, next to Soccer - Futbol.  Please visit and or

Step II:
If you are interested in a serious effort to make life changing actions for others, please stay in touch.  For questions, ideas that can help to effecuate this Plan and Strategy for Justice, contact me
Ted@TedHayes.US also you can call at 424-222-6010

Think and pray about what may be your primary assest to this movement.

Thank you kindly.



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