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Nullifying The Race Weapon Part II

of The Illegal Immigration Invasion Discussion

By Maintaining the Civil Rights Black “Mantle” and America’s Black Shield


Hispanic/Latino –Mexican Is Not A Distinct “Brown” Race

But Rather An White-Caucasian Ethnicity


Now Is The Time To Expose And Challenge The Phoniness of The Hispanic/Latino Pseudo La Raza – Mexican “Brown” Minority-Minority For What It Is…


“Illegal alien immigration is an non-military invasion of the USA by “foreign foes” primarily of Hispanic/Latino nationality and ethnicity, especially Mexico aided by those that are “domestic”

Ted Hayes

Shamefully, the Hispanic/Latino illegal alien immigration invasion leaders in an vain effort to overturn Arizona Law SB1070 by claiming the struggles of American Black US Citizens in terms of “racial profiling”, racism, et al, is desperate ploy to not only hide behind the Black “Mantle” of Civil Rights, but to even presume to assume their identity. 


It is the grand larcenous and blatant theft of the National Birth, Identity and Citizenship rights of the Emancipated Slaves, thereby attempting to equate illegal immigration etc., with that of generation destroying slavery and race legislation known as Jim Crow – Black Codes.


As American Black US Citizens loyal to this our beloved country, we will no longer stand idly by while African American leaders such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the Congressional Black Caucus, Black community representatives, clergy, intelligencia including the Hon. “Black” President, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama encourage the high-jacking of the Civil Rights Black “Mantle”


Essentially, this feigned portrayal or play acting of suffering put on by the pretender La Raza “Brown” race neo racial minority-majority invaders is actually the worst kind of racism that human beings can practice, in which a race of peoples accuses its’ own race of being racist against them under the “color” guise of another.


In other words, the illegal alien populations comprised primarily of Hispanic/Latino – especially Mexican peoples have “magically” transformed themselves once again into another race as it seems economically convenient to them.


And of course such an ancient, dastardly selfish practice is at the expense of the “human sacrifice” of the race that they have assumed, presumed and consumed. 


There is something very humanly strange about a peoples group who dares such shameful feats of indignity.


This incredible “magic” by the Hispanic/Latino-Mexican leadership and their allies is based on the false notion that what they call the “Brown” La Raza race is a neo racial minority-majority oppressed “immigrants” in the United States, thereby qualifying them, thought illegal aliens, to be beneficiaries of the Civil Rights Acts and Legacies of American Black US Citizens, i.e., Emancipated Slaves.


In other word, base on the “skin coloration” of some or certain Hispanic/Latinos – Mexicans, illegal immigration in all of its aspects, the leaders of the invasion have the audacity to equate it with the struggle against slavery and for Civil Rights in the USA of Blacks.


While there is a belief that routine, often lie telling will cause the simple of mind to believe it as truth is being waged in this “cold” civilian citizen Mexican-American War II, it can not in this instinse “Black wash” the White-Caucasian Spaniard into a legitimate race.


The US federal government has designated Hispanic/Latinos – Mexican as an ethnicity and not a distinct Brown race, as is Black, Negro (* Spanish term), African American, Colored, et al, but rather part of a huge ethnicity of varying races, including Africans, Asians and Europeans.


Also, the birth certificates of the Hispanic/Latino “Brown” peoples, classifies them as Caucasian-White


In fact when asked whether they preferred to be officially considered as, either, White-Caucasian or Black-Negroid, African American, Colored, Nigger, the vast majority of Hispanic/Latino will choose the former racial classification.


Yet, shamefully, this particularly sector of White folks are doing something worse than the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) of Americans ever did or even attempted, except in theatrical, film, radio and television.


 The La Raza inspired Hispanic/Latino “Brown” race movement seeks to actually usurp the racial tones or identities, legacies and heritages of the very race that they inadvertently or consciously seek to subjugate and destroy, something that the original KKK would never do.  


The White supremacist of the Klan were proud of their own race, perhaps too much, and cared nothing for morphing into the identity of “inferior” Black Emancipated Slaves whom as their enemy, they deny full “equal justice under the law” US citizenship, as Constitutionally mandated by the edict of the 14th Amendment and the Civil Rights Act of 1866.


Therefore, on behalf of Black American US Emancipated Slave citizens, for the sake of our mutually beloved nation, we retain our “Mantle” and rise to be the occasion destined to us to Shield America from further encroachment by foreign and domestic foes.


Now given these facts, all ethno-racial groups of American US citizen Patriots, despite their racial coloration and/or features can no longer be castigated as racist, etc. because the super emotional race weapon against our nation is effectively de-commissioned and nullified, thereby allowing legislative and law enforcement to be vigorously pursued.



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