Join the "vote of confidence" movement that installs
Homeless, Civil Rights Activist,
Ted Hayes 
"Heal America"
Alternative "Voice"
to Al Sharpton and the "usual suspect" race baiting agitators

As Ted proclaims Racial Healinggg

Sharpton shuts up

  Help Hoist The "Voice"
of This Aspiring, American Patriot 
Through The Mediums of Traditional and Internet Broadcast Outlets, NOW...
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Regardless of political, social class status, religious affiliations, or ethnic and racial identification, if you, like most Americans are indeed fed-up, sick and tired of the nation-destroying, race-baiting antics of Al Sharpton and those of the brovine fecal matter full "usual  suspects"; and if you are looking for an alternative voice of national-racial  reconciliatory healing, then grant me, Ted Hayes, the opportunity of being that entity by your "vote" of confidence via this Go Fund Me campaign.
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"We Are Americans"     
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