The “Black Lives Matter”  

"Police Out of Our Hoods, NOW"

Firehouse Policing Measure – Petition
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In order to bring justice and subsequent peace in the matters black lives, primarily young males and police sharing the same spaces in their neighborhoods, We the People of this “nation of immigrants” and chattel slaves-Jim Crow survivors, hereby the authority of the Declaration of Independence demand and exect the following:

First, Firehouse Policing
As fire personnel don't patrol, but rather remain in station until called, the must be for police as well, suspending patrols, and respond to criminal related incidents only when requested by local residents, etc.  This is real community policing.

Second, Affirm Racial-Skin Color
In responding to calls, it is imperative that police dispatchers, first ascertain and affirm the race-skin color of the alleged perpetrator.  

* Should the skin color of the lives of the alleged assailant of the victim be black, even noting levels of light to dark shades, only black police officers of that shade are to respond, ensuring justice and peace in the neighborhood.