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U.S. Civil Rights for

American Black US Citizens -

The Emancipated Chattel Slaves,

Freemen and Jim Crow Survivors

I Have A Dream" Speech (+)

Promissory Note (+)

By Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. August 28,1963


The Promissory Note For Healing America's Soul (+)

Excerpt from "I Have A Dream" Speech


The Epic 14th Amendment Docs


1865 - 1866 The Three Great Amendments (+)


1866 Civil Rights Act  long version-edited (+)


1866 Civil Rights Act un-edited (+)


Civil Rights Act  of 1866 short version (+)


Civil Rights Act of 1866 short version commentary (+)


Civil Right Act of 1866 Background (+)


Republican Party Presidential Platforms 1854 - 1880 (+)


"I Have Seen the Promised Lands (+)