Equal Justice Under the Law For Whom???


 (revised 09/07/2015)
..continued from Part I: STANDING

American Patriot Guardians of the Republic

Are The True-Original Civil Rights Activist


 Ironically, Anglo-European, English speaking, white-Caucasian, American US citizens are now correctly waving the banner of Civil Rights for the former chattel slaves class as an appropriate weapon to stop this nation-destroying aspect of illegal immigration.


However, for such to occur is not strange, but a rather natural development in that the first-original Civil Rights activists for the full citizenship of the freed chattel slaves, freemen, refugees, et al, were/are white Caucasian, American citizen patriots of the several States of the Union…not Hispanic/Latinos advocating for illegal immigration, nor any other unqualified peoples for foriegn heritage.


  • Note: The 1866 Civil Rights Act, which is the Progenitor and "Rosetta Stone" (interpreter - as mother knows own child) of the 14th Amendment, by which it is codified into the US Constitution, clearly stimulates a specific agenda to ensure special citizenship status “as enjoyed by White citizens” for of the Americanized, descendants of black West African slaves, according to Section 1.  See Section 1, Civil Rights Act of 1866


The Contract-Covenant With GOD

According to the Covenant with GOD, which is the Declaration of Independence, the Founding Fathers recognized that the nation’s task inherited from the British Crown on July 4,1776 to emancipate, free and make full legitimate citizens of the Chattel Slaves must be completed by some posterity in order for this America to be the geo-political entity that it is purported to be.


In fact, until the prescription in the 14th Amendment-1866 – Civil Rights Act for such is applied to what Abraham Lincoln calls the “New Nation”, America has not yet been discovered and this geo-political entity known as the United States Corporation remains hypocritical before the world and most dangerously, GOD Himself.


It is imperative that government officials make certain that they do all within their oath to power to complete the unfinished business that this New Nation has with GOD concerning the West African US citizens, i.e., the DOCS before visiting the needs of anyone else, especially, illegal aliens.


GOD Is the Deity of all geo-political and ethno-racial boundaries, laws and order for the sake of peaceful and civil concourse between HIS children.  Therefore, HE does not appreciate the invasion of borders by one people against another, lest they both experience mutually destructive turmoil.


Clearly, what the Declaration of Independence identifies as GOD, The Creator of all men equally and “The Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions”, will deal with the invasion forces suppressing the freed Chattel Slaves of the United States such as presumed President, Barack Hussein Obama , aka Barry Soretoreo, who leads their invasion.


WARNING:  The Patriotic legislators of the Republic must win this fight against their traitorous, domestic foe colleagues, lest the nation experience the anger of its' LORD for not executing the mandates of the Constitution, the tool or mechanism by which the sacred Contract of the Declaration of Independence is fulfilled before HIM.


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