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Part III
(revised 09/07/2015)

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The “Custom” of Anchorism

However, according to the Civil Rights of 1866, any and all such measures are un-Constitutional, thereby relegating them only to mere emotional driven “customs”.


  • In fact, the edict of Section 2 of the Act, which states that no laws, etc, are to obstruct nor impede the intention of Section 1 of the Civil Rights Act of 1866, which is legislated originally for the Emancipated, Freed, Chattel Slaves- Freedmen, Refugees, Freemen and their descendents only;


  • Therefore, any and all measures, including those made by the US Supreme Court, the Congress, and/or the Presidency are null and void, even to be considered hostile to America;


  • As in any court of law, the plaintiff must demonstrate STANDING, of which according to this matter, the only Americans who have such status are the subjects of the Law themselves;


  • Therefore, any all “legal” decisions by any courts of law that violates Section 1 is illegitimate, null and void, thereby rendering such policies and practices, as Anchorism merely a “custom” based solely on emotional reasoning and not Constitutional mandate.


“And be it further enacted, That any person who, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, shall subject, or cause to be subjected, any inhabitant of any State or Territory to the deprivation of any right secured or protected by this act, or to different punishment, pains, or penalties on account of such person having at any time been held in a condition of slavery or involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, or by reason of his color or race, than is prescribed for the punishment of white persons, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, on conviction, shall be punished by fine not exceeding one thousand dollars, or imprisonment not exceeding one year, or both, in the discretion of the court


 STANDING.  It is imperative that legislative leaders defending the original intent of the 14th Amendment-Birthrigth Citizenship include certain, American Black US citizens- DOCS to help them to argue the various points as well.


  • Remember, it was only after the Abraham Lincolns' Emancipation Proclamation for the chattel slaves on January 1,1863 and recruitment of Freed-Free Black men into the US Military, did the GOD of the Covenant/Contract – Declaration of Independence turn the tide of the Civil War in favor of the Union.

           > Annuit Septus - "HE Has Favored Our Undertaking"


Therefore, it is the business of legislators who are defending the National Birth Certificate and Identity Rights of the 14th Amendment-1866 Civil Rights Act, begin to strategize a plan of action that sets legitimate plaintiffs' plight at the core of the fight against the invasion.


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