Manifesto I
[Turn The Flag Upside Down Until]

Healing Power of the Upside Down Flag
The Legal Signal of National Distress of Life, Property and Freedom

The Whole World Is Watching and Hoping
That Out of the Ashes of Injustice, Rises the Phoenix of Vision and Hope

Resolutions To The Matters of Black Lives In the United States of America

From The High Hill of Justice, Love, Peace and Civility In “We the People Plaza”, Venice Beach, California, Where The Children of Light-GOD Are Walking Together To The Promised Land of Justice For All

Objective I: Patriotic Gesture of National and Global Commitment based on the Federal Super Black Citizenship Laws of Black Peoples, being the 1866-68 Civil Rights Act 14th Amendment.

POTUS Turn USA Flag Upside Down Over White House, Capital Building, Supreme Court and all Federal Buildings and Military Installations Including Sea Going Vessels

Note: To Remain So Until POTUS Comes To Hill of Justice, in “We The People Plaza”, Venice Beach, California.  This means that prior to this action, the POTUS meets with negotiations delegation to map out strategic plan for.

Objective II: Know Our US Constitution Citizenship, Respective White and Black Citizens Authority To “Speak Truth To Power”

“In order to effectively speak truth to power, or before speaking truth to power, the speaker(s) must first known know and understand their Constitutional Identity as well as the authoritative power to speak truth to power”

Objective III: First Steps To Healing America

  1. Focus The POTUS the most important matter of black lives which is their/our US Constitutional identity according to the 1866-68 Civil Rights/14th Amendment Act of Federal Super Citizenship status, i.e., The Promissory Note…

    …which “pays” for the repair work upon the generational wounds of black citizens by a Presidential Proclamation and encourage a Congressional Resolution, Supreme Court statement, thereby including all three branches of our federal government.
  1. Support the National Promissory Note Campaign by:

    A. Turn the USA Flag upside down in DISTRESS over the White House, the Congress, Supreme Court and the military as the first healing gesture demonstrating sincere concern of the matters of black citizens, and lasting until such a state until they are rectified;
    Such a sight daily in our eyes will at impetus to finish the “great task set before us” in this matter

    B. Exposing the “Live” existence of the Congressional Legislation designed for reconciliatory Healing the republic’s racial wound, etc., which are;

·       The sign and aggressively support the 208 Congressional Apology Resolution  HR # 194 For Slavery and Jim Crowism…encourage all political parties to join endeavor

·       The 2005 Senate Apology Resolution For  the Lynching of Black Lives SR # 39

  1. The Procedures
    1. Educate all non-black citizens federal employees, especially those in the military of the most crucial aspect of black lives, beginning with the Emancipation Proclamation and US Civil War Contraband Acts

    1. Encourage all states, county, municipal jurisdiction to do likewise

    2. Encourage the United Nations, as well as all nations in world, especially the State of Israel to participate in the healing efforts to the matter of black lives

    3. Immediately address the United Nations in emergency session concerning the matters of black lives and how they affect the world

    4. Conduct a “We the People” healing memoriam at the Lincoln and MLK Memorials

    1. Journey to the Hill of Justice, Love, Peace, Civility in the “We the People Plaza”, in Venice Beach, CA.

Objective IV: Practical Resolve The Matter of Black Homelessness: The Great EXODUS To “Promised Land” 

Daily Vigil In “We The People Plaza” From 12:00 Noon Until Sunset, Hosting 4:30 PM Music Concert, Meditations and Healing Teachings To The Matters of Black of Black Lives
by Ted Hayes

“Until We the People Can Once Again Fly the Upside Down Flag, Right Side Up”

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