We March To The POTUS:

If The Matters of Black Lives, i.e., US Federal Super Citizens Truly Does Matter, Then The POTUS Must

Turn USA Flag Over White House, Upside Down...NOW
It's Least, No Tax Dollars Thing To do

Signaling Distress As Well As On All Federal Building, Embassies & Consolates, Military Bases, Water-Going Vessels, i.e., Ocean, Seas, Lakes and Rivers, Emabassies and Consulates, Until The Matter of Black Lives In The USA Is Amicably, Mutually, Humanely and Justly Resolved.

Such action "locks" all the protestors and demonstrators, primarily young, white citizens of the USA and others around the world, into staying with the resolving of the matters of black lives.

The prophet Martin Luther King, Jr., admonished and warned agianst the action of post racial civil unrest of "returning to business as usual", because he goes on to say is America, i.e., white citizens, blacks included, that should they/we do such "...will have a rude awakening."

The prophet continues with, "

There will be neither rest nor tranquility in America until the Negro is granted his "experiential" citizenship rights...."as is enjoyed by white citizens" [Sec. 1] (1866-68 Civil Rights 14th Amendment Act)

The whirlwinds of revolt will continue to shake the foundations of our nation until the bright day of justice emerges.

Such Encourages All State, County and Municipal Jurisdictions To Do Likewise

Note: This Dreadful Action Is To Maintain The Inspirational Impetus To Right The Flag By Fufilling Our US Constitutional Duty As US White Citizens (all Americans of immigation heritage, regardless of race-skin colors, etc.) and Federal Black Super Citizens (Americans of chattel slavery heritage)

Note: This Expection of the POTUS Is A Very Small, Non Financial Matter of Black Lives, Especially In Light of the Fact That This Great Immigration Nation Is Built Upon Whose Chattel Enslaved Ancestors.

Heed and Immediately Implement The Justiceville EXODUS Strategic National Homeless Policy and Plan;

Heed and Immediately Implement The Strategy To Eradicate The Causations of Black On Black Murder War;

Acknowledge The Federal/Presidential, Super Citizenship of Black Citizens, i.e. 1866-68 Civil Rights Act 14th Amendment