"No JusticeNo Peace"


For  Young

T E R R O L   M A S S E Y






United States of America President,


Barack Hussein Obama

The First African American "Black" President, As Commander In Chief, Protector and Enforcer of Mandates of the Supreme Law of the Land, The United States Constitution,

By His Very Existence...

Demands Justice

For Terrol Massey

Mr. Obama, son of a free East African Kenyan Muslim Was Chosen To Not Only Be The President of All American US Citizens, But Due To His Genetically Unique Tan-Brown Color As "White Man" Raised In Caucasian Culture (Family and Socialist Politics) and In The Legacy of Emancipated Slaves' Constitutional Civil Rights Struggle, He Demands Justice For The Folks Who Made His Presidency and This Great Nation Possible

Surely, No American US Citizen - Black, White or Otherwise Can Justifiably Deny This Transcendent President The Due Justice To His Adopted Peoples




United States Attorney General

Mr. Eric Holder

As the First Black, African American To Head The US Justice Department, Mr. Holder Who Is Appointed By The First African American "Black" President Is Under Constitutional Mandate According To Their Oath of Office To Render Long Overdue Justice To The West African Emancipated Slaves Who Have Languished Unjustly Under The Yoke of Imbalanced American State and Federal Judicial Systems

All Americans Are Depending On The Two of These Highly Historical Figures To Put To Rest The Unrest of The Peoples Upon Whose "Whipped and Bloodied" Backs This Great Is Constructed.

It Is Time To Retire The Black Proverb of...

"No Justice - No Peace"

By Rendering Justice To The Emancipated Slaves


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The Righteous Cry of A Mother

Justice For Terrol Massey Petition

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Terrol Massey's Mother Letter To

The Department of Justice Civil Rights Division,

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