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A Mother's Plea

February 5, 2010

Mrs. Nora Massey's Letter To The US Department of Justice - Civil Rights Division

(Originally sent to Justice Department on December 16, 2009)



The U.S. Department of Justice
Civil Rights Division

Office of the Assistant Attorney General,
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.,

Re:  Terrol Massey#07B1432


To Whom This Matter Concerns:


I, Nora Massey who resides in the State of New York am the parent and guardian of 19 years of age, Mr. Terrol Massey.


It was brought to my attention that I should contact you, the Civil Rights Criminal Section regarding this injustice against my son by civil authorities in the state of New York, including the county of Buffalo and the city.


In 200_, my son Terrol being16 at the time was convicted of 2nd degree murder, conspiracy, and possession of a weapon to the 4th degree. 


However, Terrol was convicted along with 5 other co-defendants who received a much lighter sentence then he did, which included co-defendants ranging in ages from 14 yrs, 18, 20, 21, 39 years old.


My family hired several Attorneys to defend our son which was very difficult being that media and press played a major role in that it paraded him in electronic news broadcasts and printed medium far more than any of the co-defendants, thereby “convicting” him in the court of public opinion as a lone, heinous, murdering villain not worthy of fair judicial process in the State of New York.


Clearly, the Attorneys involved in this miscarriage of justice failed in their duty to represent him according to all avenues and venues of the law.


Interestingly enough, Terrol Massey being one of the youngest caught up in the situation, happens to be American Black US citizen of the emancipated slave cast, the most vulnerable to judicial injustice ethno-racial people in the nation, especially in the area of  Amherst, New York….whereas the other co-defendants were White (Caucasian).


As you can see, I am in desperate need of the US Justice Department’s Civil Rights Commission immediate intervention into this state matter reminiscent of the time in which it combated and vanquished the injustices of state legislated racism against us Blacks.


It is evident in the State of New York and throughout the country that thousands of young Black men of the emancipated slave class such as Terrol are suffering very similar judicial injustices based on their racial status, which is clearly another violation in the Constitutionally Mandated 14th Amendment and Civil Rights Act of 1866 which is the foundation of all those succeeding… the one that created the Civil Rights Commission.


We retained Ms. Anne Adams paying her up front $25000.00 in which she failed to represent Terrol to the end of his sentencing.


She removed herself from a dispute with my son arguing he should take a plea bargain of 15 years to life in prison.  Subsequently, Terrol was appointed a Court Attorney by the name of Mr. Daniel Grasso to stand in where Ms. Anne Adams quit.


Complicating matters more, Ms. Adams failed to release my son’s files in order that the proper motions could be filed for sentencing in a timely manner. . Therefore Mr. Grasso presented a 330.30 motion without knowledge or proper documentation to support it, which resulted in my son being sentenced 20 years to life.


Thought the record states that Mr. Grasso filed a Notice of Appeal on Terrol’s behalf, the facts are, he never did.


Then after he was sentenced, we retained another attorney by the name of Mr. Muhamad Bashir ESQ in Elizabeth NJ.


As time passed on, the Attorney repeatedly stated he had submitted an extension for the Appeal process being that Ms. Adams still held on to my son’s files.


When the Attorney was fired by Terrol for not making himself available for an initial consultation to discuss his case, we learned in the process that Mr. Grasso never filed the notice of Appeal.


As it presently stands, you have a 16yr old young boy with a disability facing a 20 year to life sentence in an adult prison without another chance in life to Appeal his unjust case.


This injustice is wrong.  It should not have happened.  It was very careless and unprofessional of these paid Professions.  The only person suffering is this young man and his family who have been incarcerated for 4 long years.


I Ms. Massey called the Appellate Division several times and spoke with several people to tell me its too late his time was exhausted , which was no fault of his own.


This is not acceptable in that the Court Appointed Attorney is paid by the State and he should be reprimanded for his actions and dereliction of duty, just as Ms. Adams was paid $25000.00 in cash money to represent my son until he was sentenced.


Terrol should be compensated.  It was not his fault that these attorneys failed in doing what they were paid to do, which was represent Terrol according to the Law. They are trained professionals paid to be liaisons for the people in the courts of justice.


It raises the question how many other young African American males have and are fallen through this unjust system to enlarge this nation Industrial Prison Complex?


I trust that you will look closely into this pressing matter and fight to give my son a chance to appeal his case as it his right as US citizens with special mandated protections outlined in the US Constitutional 14th Amendment and Civil Rights of 1866.


I have reach out to other attorneys and Legislatures Bodies, including the New State Bar Association in which they all agree that this young man needs to be compensated for the carelessness that he has suffered at the hands of those involved in the injustices.


I have enclosed some very important documents for your viewing while making your decision to reach out and help our family.


Thank you for your time and consideration.


I am looking forward to hearing from you or your colleagues regarding this crucial matter.


You may contact me by email or phone I have enclosed all my information.




Ms. Nora Massey

Noramassey67@yahoo.com  716-982-9645



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