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For a better view into my insights concerning our beloved United States of America its' relationship to GOD concerning the Descendants of the Chattel Slaves and their children, please view this audio interview with host John Wood of an aspiring on-line broadcast entitled Blacks Is Online. is owned and operated by a group of young Chattel Slaves Descendants, i.e., so called African-American.

It covers quite a lot of areas which will no doubt have you listening carefully and come away from the interview feeling a bit more empowered through understanding.

Also, do visit www.TedHayes.US and peruse my writings, especially the "GOD In The Declaration of Independence" series at direct link of 

You may want to see my latest article "Muslim After All" in connection with the video in which Obama is revealed as Muslim at

Also, order your copy of "The Other Side of The Pyramid" at the web sight....

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