"Fool me once, shame on me!

Fool me twice, shame on me!"




Obama Second Term Not Necessary

Mission Impossible Accomplished

The “Obama thing” Never Intended To Win A Second Term

It is not needed!

The Deed Is Done. The Fatal Blow Was Struck In First Term 

Only By Divine Providence Can America Be Saved


After pondering the mystery of the "Obama thing” in the White House, I came to realize that it never intended to win a second Presidential term, which is why the President himself has no plans for one.


However, it would seek the second anyway just for the fun of it and with  the possibly winning again, but if not, "oh well!"...that would be just fine, in that such a victory is not necessary  because the “fatal” blow to the nation was struck in the first term of the “Obama thing” Administration, which is the original plan.


Remember, the ideological battle cry to "...make Obama a 1 term President"?  He was agreeing all along, which is why he said that if the economy is turned around according his fiscal and economic plans, agenda, strategies, etc, in 3 years, "we are looking at a one term proposition."


Also, during the 2008 campaign, Mr. Obama was instructed to set the bar for his accomplishments as President at such un-achievable heights, such as bringing the country together as a post-racial nation, etc, etc., as though he knew full well that they were beyond realistic scope, therefore, a second term was never in the offering. 


In fact, the masters of the deceptive “Obama thing” machine were themselves surprised have escaped being removed from the Presidency by default long ago, but only to happily discover that the American peoples were more stupid, gullible, American Idol (idolatry), race-wracked than they could have hoped for.  "Seconds anybody?  Seconds?  Why not?!? They still don't get it!"


The whole gamble for America's ultimate destruction was placed in the first term agenda which was to cause as much chaos and potentiall fatal damage to foundational structures of the United States from the very heart and soul of our beloved nation itself.  Indeed, a high bar, that other super sociolist could only dream about, even if they dared.

By officially residing in the White House and controlling the Oval Office of the most powerful, elected individual in the United States and the free western world, the foreign and domestic enemies have accomplished what no military could even imagine doing…that is, destroying the mighty capitalist, GOD centered, America from within without firing a singl shot in anger. What a master stroke of genious or something incredibly and wickedly clever!

Only One Term In The Oval Office Was Needed

The terminal damage was done to the United States in the first Obama Presidential term.  A second would simply be “icing on the cake”, or even a victory lap administration in which all sorts of socialist experiments will be tried and successfully failed until all the life of what was dreamed to be "America" is bleed out of our country.


Indeed, in this case, failures are acceptable options and indeed plausible, being that the agenda of the “Obama thing” was n ever to make life improvements anyway, but rather to enslave We the People to the government of a "new" American style, socialist regime.


Upon realizing the agenda of the “Obama thing”, I stated to my close colleagues, and mentioned it on my AMERICA’s BLACK SHIELD AM Radio broadcast, as well in my email blasts, that as proof of its insenserity in seeking a second, agents Obama-Biden would behave themselves in some very outlandish, and even sophomoric, childish ways leading up to the November 6th election.


Though there were already previous actions of foolishness on their parts, I predicted that immediately after the Democratic National Convention, Obama would tack hard to the left, saying and doing things that are highly irrational, offensive, and un-Presidential simply seeking to “push the envelope” as far as the “stupid” proletariat and lumpen proletariat Americans will allow.  Testing! Probing! Just how much can they get away with before We the People wake up from our deep sleep of dreaming the impossible?!?


The socialist are testing to see just how stupid we are in that we placed a phony into the White House out of a sense of guilt and racism in the first place.


Daily, it is more obvious that the "exotic" skin color of Mr. Obama has been the element that achieved him the Presidency, by which he has administered the "things" lethal dosage of socialism from within and is the teflon armor that protects his antics on the home front and abroad.


It appears that the foriegn and domestic enemies of America have managed to manipulate a phony association of their agent in chief with understandably crazed "black peoples", i.e., African-Americans, whose Civil Rights legacy has become the plight of Barack Obama as his shield against legitimate criticism.


Actually, the "Obama thing" is not to be blamed for being what it is, but rather those of us Patriots who have allowed an environment in our country that made it possible for such a travesty to occur. 


The Mystery Is Solved

It is now very clear and no longer a mystery as to why when the Democrats had the Presidency and super majority in the Congress whereby they could have set in motion good measures for gainful employment creation; cutting the deficit; stop wild federal spending; and instead they gave huge bail-out funds for banks and corporations “too big to fail”, as well as the stimulus that went absolutely nowhere accept to increase the federal deficit to 16 trillion dollars, etc. 

They never intended to improve the nation, but rather only to further its ruin.

The biggest distraction strategy “head-fake”, was/is the conjured health care plan commonly called ”Obamacare” (which should have been “Obama-Scare) a once pejorative term, which he himself now strangely in his last days in office proudly touts.


The whole health care matter was a huge ruse to distract us.  I worked like a charm.

The Success of “Failure”

The economic policies of the "Obama thing" are not failures, because what they have accomplished was intended, which is absolute chaos and destruction of the American capitalist enterprise systems and financial industries, and the subjugation of the American peoples further under the yoke of a “big-government” socialist regime.


Please note the rash of recent asinine antics ranging from the DNC convention, to the Administration handling of the “9-11” terrorist attacks against us at our consulate and embassy in Libya; presenting lying fantasies to the American peoples, the UN and the world concerning those terror attacks; his embarrassing treatment of Israel; leaving the UN conference to go campaign; his behavior in the debates; raising petty and irritable issues in the campaign to stir class warfare, even calling his opponent foul names in front children; etc, etc.  Clearly, he and Joe Biden and their masters don’t care. Why should they.  This is what they intended and hoped for!  Mystery of bad behavior solved!


A sane person would not set themselves up for such grandiose disappointment, unless they are not crazy afterall but is actually executing a brilliant, long term strategy designed to succeed by its failed policies and practices.


The "Obama thing" knew that it could not win again, but it would be fun and curious to see how many mezmerized American peoples will stubbornly hold onto a mythical being that will devour them.  The mystery of his actions is solved!  They are not expecting to win! Never did! But if they do...that's extra!


No doubt, the Obama people are surprised that they are doing as good as they are to date.


Even his actions from day one of entering into the Oval Office has been nothing but deliberate counter-measures to our American ideals and objectives, such as leaking top secret military and covert operations, his antics of racism and virulent advocacy for illegal immigration, abortion, dissolution of marriage for the sake of the sodomite agenda, weakening the US military and CIA, et al, along with shameless, exorbitant lifestyle of partying, playing basketball, golfing, etc.


Making matters even worse, his blatant relationships with known mobsters, Marxist socialist, and race pimps, and even true confessions of what he is up to in his two books.


Also of note is the whole ambiguity of his birth identity-citizenship and school records which he refuses to show to the public; and the “apology tour”, as well has his support of the Islamic agenda and bowing to the king keeper of Islam, etc, etc, etc.  It is almost endless what we have allowed to take over our country.


Note the behavior of his US Attorney General ranging from not prosecuting African-Americans who blatantly and by the threat of violence prevented voters from voting in Philadelphia; leading international alliances in suing States such Arizona and Georgia, et al, for defending themselves against foreign civilian invasion; “Fast and Furious”, the list goes on.


What Plans For What Second Term

Further evidence of my theory is the fact that the Patriots are yelling that the “Obama thing” does not have a plan for a second term…well duh!!!!!  As I said, he never planned for a second term.


The Obama thing is deliberately practicing antics that are simply driving certain Americans, especially Republicans, conservatives and Tea Party adherents “pull hair out” mad, which is precisely the plan of distraction from the real death knell being dealt to the nation.


The socialist strategist has fooled the Patriots into chasing after “red-meat” Obama when there is a far greater threat afoul.


Some Patriots think that Mr. Obama and his team are flustered and panicked about loosing the election.  Not so!  The very opposite is true.


Remember, this man is a great actor and has demonstrated his crafty ability to trick “wanna-be” gullible Americans into thinking that he is upset and reacting poorly, when privately, he is being congratulated by his socialist masters as “mission accomplished, job well done!” 


The Obama “The Great” Destiny

Win or loose the election, Barack Hussein Obama has now achieved socialist mortality in the ranks of and even greater than such communist icons as Marx, Stalin, Mao, Fidel, even Che, because he did what they only could dream of, which is something that even the most powerful military could not…and that’s destroy America from within the Oval Office itself.


Herein lays the mystery as to why they vehemently wanted Romney as the Republican candidate, because they have gambled that the four years of Obama sitting the Oval Office “pilots seat” has set the United States into a nose dive of fiscal and otherwise destruction that the next President – “pilot” will not be able to pull out of it.


Though we may electorally put the "Obama thing" out of the White House, the former President could become even more active and influentual than being in the Presidency of the United States ("been there-done that!"), particularly as he would want to watch over his fatally wounded prey thereby guarding his socialist mythical-leader legacy.


The Romney Set Up Trap and Obama Trump Card

Obviously, they know the character of Mitt Romney better than we do, is confident that given his background, particularly being Mormon, that he will not have the rectitude and fortitude to cause the necessary pain to the nation to save it from the path of destruction it was set on by the First African-American “black” US President, for fearing of appearing racist.  This is once again their Teflon trump card to prevent a President Romney from becoming Lincolnist to save the nation.


Then due to the huge failure of the Republican President, the seemingly dead (possum) playing socialist controlled Democratic Party will retake the White House and Congress in a 2016 landslide victory that will be the technical end of the United States...American Dream experiment.


The sad and tragic thing about the American Dream ending in failure is that it could have been so simply avoided, if only the Republican, Tea Party and conservative leadership would have waged a more effective war of ideology against the socialist enemies – foreign and domestic.


While this is not a pleasant assessment of our future, especially in light of the imminent “defeat” of Obama, it would be irresponsible for me not to at least bring this matter to your attention with the hopes that with the power of GOD, it is not yet too late.


Just some thoughts!



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