"For This Baby Only"

The term, "For This Baby Only" means that within the jurisdiction of the United States Union republic of America, the only entitled individuals or peoples to whom this 14th Amendment, super citizenship belongs, is not based on race (skin color as well as other anatomicial characteristics, etc.); nor, ethnicity; minority/majority status; religion or spirituality; social class status; gender or gender preference, etc.,  See www.The14th.us    (Home)

But rather, the eligibility or qualifications to this unique, unprecedented, super citizenship is based on the two, very, not only simply different, but opposite-counter American immigration EXPERIENCES, they being:

1.  WILLING Immigration - Suppressed by religious, ethnic, racia, political, economic oppression from either or both, government or society measures and practices, these Americans voluntarily chose to not to fight for justice in the land of their fathers, but opting instead, to forsake and flee them, choosing rather to seek the purported American Dream.

A. Through much sufferings, the intitial immgrants whom conceived the grand ideas of liberty from its infancy of thirteen years of British-American colonies of the 1600, through that of the late, post Civil War 1800's, 

a. willlingly risked their lives traversing the dangerous Atlantic Ocean,

b. settled in the lands of another peoples (indigenous- so called, "Indians") rutlessly taken from them,

c. to succeed or fail for their succeeding children-generations, et al.

B. While most suffered difficult ordeals, including ethnic and/or nationality, even religious, primarily by their own kind persecutions, in order to suceeded in this "land of the free" - "home of the brave", many did not. 

Nevertheless, dispite their sufferings, one way or the other...they CHOOSE their own fate and that of their descendant children.

2.  UNWILLING or CHATTEL SLAVERY - Originating primarily out of Central and West Africa, the Negroid ancestors of US black citizens were not willing immigrants, but rather after being purchased as slaves by European, white-Caucasian, Jewish and Christian merchandising corporations from of the ancient, warring African kingdoms, nations, tribal and Muslim slavery trade.

Note: Over 6, forty (40) years generations (1620-1865 totally 245 yrs.), these particular black-Negroid, African peoples of many different ethniticies, religions and nationalities were brought to America against their wills, shackleld together in chains, collectively and subsequently forced to serve 245 years of chattel slavery, i.e., living, human property, being born a slave and dying as such, to Americans of Willing Immigration, they being primarily, Anglo, European, English speaking, white-Caucasians, for 245 years in generations-destroying chattel slavery.  

In September, 1889, the ratification and enactment of the US Constitution, Article I, Section 8, which decrees by Congressional law, citizenship to "white", i.e., Willing Immigrant Americans, excluded born into and dying in chattel slavery, ironically via the 14th Amendment-1866 Act has become the Union republics' most precious, living National Treasure.

As result of being left out of the original proceedure for citizenship, the Congressional Republicans of 1866 - 1868 enacted this super citizen law, essentially as a "back door" to "coloreds only", i.e., unwilling immigrants-chattel slaves into it; whereas the Article I, Section 8 is the "front door" for white citizen - willing immigrants "only".

Therefore, any individual(s), families, ethno-racial, nationalities groups whom WILLINGLY came, come, or will come, whether in compliance with, or in violation of Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, are of the Willing Immigration heritage;

Note: Metaphorically - willing immigrants arrived in America aboard the wooden ocean sailing passenter ship, the Mayflower, and being thereby inculcated into the legacy of the original immigrants being European caucasians, i.e., "white citizens", according to Section 1, of the 1866 Civil Rights Act.

Section 1 of the 14th Amendment, which is identical to that of the 1866 Civil Rights Act (The Act), except the latter is greater detail, even describing the Subject Beneficials of the former, whereby it states, "All persons born..."

This statement is specifically addessing only Americans born on in the USA as living human property to those of Willing immigration heritage, and die as such, but were't citizens.  No one else is mentioned!

For more indepth study of this subject, please visit www.The14th.us

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