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Ted Bio - "Get to know me.."
As a 14th Amendment (1866 Civil Rights Act) citizen of the United States, I am an aspiring American patriot "to that cause" for which this Judaic-Christian,  "one nation under GOD" was fouded, based on its Constitution which in turn enforces its first legal document or legislation, the * sacred Declaration of Independence signed into law, July 2-4,1776, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

* "sacred" - The inclusion of GOD and treatment of humanity makes this particular government  
                    document, sacred-holy-sancified...set aside to HIM as special.

It is therefore, my solemn duty, by any legal means necessary to defend and protedt the citizens of the United States, their guests, allies, and friends by promoting the ideals of this "exceptional" nation within itself, and throughout the world, known as the American Dream.  See  American Creed.

The strength of my "great task" is derived from a granting endowed upon me by the LORD  of this "one nation" under HIM, and being defined as a Jew "born in Zion" through the operation of HIS Holy Spirit, as commanded by the only Mornarch to Whom Americans bow the knee to as King of the Jews.

* "Blessed is the nation whose GOD is the LORD [Psalms 33:12]

Carefully perusing the pages of this amature web site, that I call "Sight" as they are about enlightening you to nuance ideals and strategies to accomplish the "works" that we have been createded do in the United States of America.

The ideals espoused in these pages challenges all political, social, economic, ethno-racial, as well as religious realms, as they are based on what is practical and applicable to issue of concern.

Along with the primary Sight, there are the two sub-Sights listed here, they being:  GOD In The Declaration of Independence and The Human Bubble Initiative and Then Follow Me NOW and Capitol Hill National Caucus

For questions or comments, you may reach me at
Ted@TedHayes.US of call cell 424-248-4219

Please pardon my typos, as I not a good editor.  If you care to assist me in this mater, your participation is most welcomed!

Thank you for visiting abd happy reading.  


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