Number Nine For Love


West Coast Sunrise Vigil

Saturday, September 11,2010


From: Peter Gadiel, President of 9-11 Families, New York

To:      Number Nine For Love: 9-11 Sunrise Vigil, Los Angeles, California

First I want to thank Ted Hayes for this chance to reach you on this sad anniversary.

All of us are lucky that there  are people like Ted willing to stand up for the right of Americans to be secure from the foreign invasion. People working  to stop the invasion of our nation, of our neighborhoods , of our workplaces, our schools and our hospitals.

So to Ted and to all of you who are working to a restore to our country  immigration policies designed to benefit America,  I give you my thanks.

Nine years ago today my son James and almost 3,000 other innocent people were murdered by Moslem terrorists.   James worked at the World Trade Center and like many other victims none of his remains have ever been recovered.  There can never be a funeral for my son or for them; Ground Zero is their cemetery.

It has become a cliche to say that the Trade Center site is "hallowed ground."   But the 9/11 families know  that's a lie.  It's a political and economic football in a nation that no longer knows how to maintain its dignity.  Consider this:  Originally, the new building planned for the site was  going to be called the "Freedom Center."  But the Red Chinese government, whose agents are prospective tenants of the building, objected to being associated with that concept.  And, since we've sold our souls to the Chinese we don't dare honor murdered Americans by using the word "freedom."   So in the end that small tribute to the memories of our loved ones was eliminated. 

But no matter what they call it, it's still a cemetery and it will be one forever.  And even though they are afraid to say it, we know  it's always going to be monument to how a religion was used to justify mass murder, not just on September 11, 2001 but many other dates in many other places.

Today,  people who practice the same religion as the monsters who committed those mass murders want to build a place to celebrate that religion.  It's not going to be right on the site of the Trade Center, but it will be as close as the promoters can get it.  It would be the Victory Mosque.

One of the men pushing to build that mosque has said that "Osama bin Ladin was made in America."

I disagree.  This man and his killers were made in Saudi Arabia, and Iran, and Yemen and elsewhere in the Moslem world.

But the policies that opened our borders and allowed bin Ladin's killers to get into our country,   those policies  WERE made in America by politicians such as Diane Feinstein, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush Barbara Boxer, John McCain, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. 

Those politicians and others  like them imposed on our country the policies which  permitted the terrorists to obtain visas and enter our country "legally" despite their clear connections to terrorist organizations.  And these politicians  are also  responsible for our nation's failure to enforce laws against illegal immigration giving the opportunity  for tens of millions of illegal aliens to openly reside and work in our country.

 It was those millions of illegals who created a kind of 'ocean' in which the 9/11 terrorists were able to hide in plain sight while they planned, rehearsed, financed and carried out their plot.  After all, when there are 10 or 20 or 30 million illegals, who is going to pay attention to a bunch of fanatics who  overstay their visas and want to learn to fly jet aircraft without being able to take off or land them?

These American politicians, the Boxers, the Feinsteins, the Bushes, the McCains, the Pelosis, these people are to a large degree  are responsible for what happened on September 11.

I personally do not believe that high US officials knew in advance of the specific targets and timing of the attacks;  our government is so corrupt and so incompetent that if US officials HAD been part of the plot, the secret would have been  leaked long ago.

Rather, it was the corrupting of politicians by the Open Borders Lobby, that allowed millions of illegal aliens and improperly screened "legal" aliens to enter our country and prey on our people.

The Open Borders Lobby is so powerful and dangerous because it is a unique alliance of interests from that range from the political Right to the Extreme Left.

No other political cause can claim as its supporters the Communist Party, Ford Foundation, Socialist Workers Party, LaRaza, the Mexican government ACORN, AFSCME, SEIU, ACLU, National Lawyers Guild, United Church of Christ, Episcopal Church, Quakers and at the same time the American Bankers Association, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, National Restaurant Association, homebuilders, landscapers, chicken processors , etc.

This is truly a unique alliance of Left and Right, and it is the reason that the federal  government and numerous states and cities have been influenced to ignore the will and the security of the American people and instead support illegal immigration and illegal aliens.

So never forget although Osama bin Ladin was not "made in America" his ability to send his agents here to kill Americans WAS manufactured by American politicians and bureaucrats.

Before I close I want to remind you that the victims of America's Open Borders Lobby and its puppets in government are not limited to the victims of the 9/11 attacks.  The list of victims of everyday street crimes committed by illegals is far larger than the number killed on 9/11. 

Think of Jamiel Shaw, a wonderful 17 year old youngster with a bright future killed in his L.A. neighborhood by an illegal looking to kill a black person.   There are many thousands like him.  Did Jamiel and those other victims deserve to die at the hands of an illegal alien any more than my son James on 09/11? Are there deaths less important because they were killed one at a time instead of at the same time as almost 3,000 others?

The answer is "NO!"  And the reason James and Jamiel are dead can be found  in Sacramento,  Los Angeles City Hall, Washington, D.C. and anywhere a politician can be bought with the promise of campaign contributions and votes.

Always remember Jamiel, and James.  Stay in the battle.  Not just because of them and the tens of thousands of other victims,  but for the many thousands more who WILL become victims if we fail to act.

Thank you all.

Peter Gadiel

President, 9-11 Families, New York

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