Los Angeles “9-11” Sunrise Vigil Committee



Sunrise Vigil

American Patriotic Remembrance of September 11,2011


Mission Statement

Ten Years After


In loving and sacred memory "NEVER FORGET" of the innocent civilian Americans and their/our international guests by the Islama-fascist attack of September 11,2001, it is the mission of the Los Angeles Region “9-11” Sunrise Vigil Committee to mobilize an event for Sunday, September 11,2011 in order to help stimulate all people to love each other by fighting back terror in the United States, and throughout the earth as we embrace the GOD given values of “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness”.


After TEN difficult years, finally the true agenda, doctrinaire, policies and practices of the anti-GOD / anti-Christ anti-civil Islama-fascist terror movements are being exposed for what they are, which is rule by terror.


It is evident that the Jihad movement responsible to the “9-11” attacks, are seeking to usurp the Divinely ordained “certain inalienable rights” granted to all human beings with the Shiria Laws of “death, fear and enslavement”


After TEN years, and gambling on perceived apathetic feelings and forgetfulness of certain Americans, the Islamic-Muslim fascist terrorist are hoping that America has indeed forgotten...


However, the indomitable, legendary American spirit lives and rises in defense of the innocents and GOD-given freedom to all human beings.


Therefore, we shall "NEVER FORGET" .


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