September 11th, Sunrise Vigil

The Los Angeles Region Committee


Dear American Patriot,

On early Sunday morning, September 11,2011, National Patriots Day, The Los Angeles Region "9-11" Committee will host a memorial event for the victims of “9-11” and their yet grieving families resulting from the tragedy brought upon our country on September 11th, 2001 by certain terrorist posing as Muslims fulfilling the will of the deity of Islam.


This year's theme is "NEVER FORGET" - Ten Years After"


As you know, these certain Muslim-Islamic elements, along with their purported allies are seeking to inflict further terror upon the families of the victims, US citizens and all other peoples who love America and what the Founding Fathers willed and Dreamed for their posterity, by establishing a Mosque in the guise of a community center at “9-11” Ground 0, in New York City.

Crashing American passenger planes loaded with civilian-non-combatants, for the sake of their so-called holy jihad war of Islam, being driven by a spirit of hate, lies, and murder, and fear-terror, the insane warriors of Islam martyred over 3,000 unsuspecting children (Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindu, and many other Believers) of GOD, even in HIS HOLY Sight.

In this Tenth year since the terrorist Jihad attack in the name of Islam, it is even more poignant that we Stand firm in this Vigil exercise, due to the second attack raging battle at Ground 0 New York, which would be far more deadly for the world than the first one, if a Mosque is erected there. 


Therefore, it is so timely and appropriate that we hold this vigil in support of the “9-11” families, et al, this September 11th, the Tenth anniversary.  Let the suffering families and the world hear from us on the West Coast!


“NEVER FORGET”, the first memorial of its kind on the United States conduct services at 500 W. Temple Street of the Los Angeles County Hall of Administration, downtown Los Angeles.


The Vigil is one hour 5:15 AM – 6:15 AM consisting of music-song, statements and highlighted by the “Solemn Moment of Sirens” at 5:46 AM Pac Time (8:46 AM East Time – first strike on World Trade)


* The “Solemn Moment of Sirens”, the highlight of the memorial service is ONE MINUTE in length in which attendees stand in meditation as sirens (* not too loud) from your Departments’ vehicles along with those of other invited first responders, blast “wails of woe and warning”, representing the three September 11,2001 hits on our country by self-professed Islamic terrorist – The World Trade Towers, the Pentagon and the Pennsylvania Field.


Attached you will find the “NEVER FORGET” Mission Statement.  You may reach us at 424-222-6010 or e-mail at Ted@TedHayes.US


Also, should be able to attend, please bring your own lawn or folding chairs.  Thank you!


Thank you very much for your time, consideration, cooperation and participation.


Sincerely with warm regards for the sake of our beloved United States of America!


Ted Hayes

LA Region 9-11 Sunrise Vigil Committee


Shalom in Jerusalem – Blessed Bethlehem


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